6 Simple & Effective Tips to Gain Better Practical Skills & Confidence

Whether you are on a career path that is not bringing you as much joy as you had once thought, or are trying to find your way, there are things you can do to gain more practical skills and confidence. There is no need to feel stationary and stuck in a job that you dislike. You are not a tree; you can move freely and learn easily to grow experience and confidence.

  • Network
  • Practice
  • Attend webinars and seminars
  • Enrol in additional educational courses
  • Speak with an advisor
  • Observe


If you feel lost in your career path and are not sure you are making the right decisions then you need to network. Reach out to team members and obtain a better grasp of the situations you are dealing with. You can also join online communities of professionals in your field. This is an ideal way to crowd-source and asks others that you do not know in person about their experiences and how to overcome obstacles and gain more confidence.


The more you practice your skill the more you will excel at it. As you master the skill you will gain confidence. If you have a problem public speaking then overcome this fear by thinking outside of the box. Offer to read to children at a library or to dogs at an animal shelter. Less judgmental crowds make the experience a bit easier on the ego. If your skill requires excessive typing and you fumble around on the keyboard then it would be ideal to practice at home.

Speak with an advisor

If you know that you need to make a career change but are unsure of which direction to go do not worry. A lot of people find themselves at a crossroad in life and are not sure which way to go. The advisor at the local college or university will be able to talk with you and get a feel for what career path might be best. Take this opportunity to look at a new outcome and fresh start in your career life.

Attend webinars and seminars

It is pointless to ever assume that you know everything there is to know about your field of choice. Attending a webinar or seminar will offer you two things. The first is the knowledge obtained over the meeting and the second is the ability to add that informational session to your resume.

Your superiors at work will be impressed with your thirst for knowledge and appreciate you going out of your way in your free time to learn more to enhance your career within the company.

Enrol in additional educational courses

Just as webinars and seminars are important it is equally as important to obtain a degree. If you do not have time to attend a physical building there is no need to worry. Living in the digital era allows us to achieve online diplomas Australia and countries across the globe offer these learning options. Acquiring a degree will often open more doors and allow you to apply for other jobs within your company that you once thought were unobtainable.

Perhaps you are not happy at your job and want to switch careers completely. By attending college in person or online you now have the ability to make a complete life change for the better. Speak with admissions and they will help you work through application paperwork as well as financial paperwork.


Observing others will help you get a general idea of what you are lacking. If you are lacking confidence then it is best to watch someone who seems overly confident. What exactly is it that makes them so sure of themselves? Perhaps they have stellar communication skills or remarkable organizational abilities that keep them ready to answer any question at the drop of a dime. If you have a different position at your company in mind then observe co-workers in those positions. Pay attention to workloads and team functionality so that you can be more certain in your potential career shift.

Following these six tips will help you to gain a bit more confidence and direction in your business life. Make sure you network with others, practice your skills to fine-tune them, attend webinars and seminars, enroll in additional educational courses, speak with a professional advisor, and observe others. These tips will keep you on track for a more confident and prepared you. Do not expect change to happen overnight and be willing to invest time into yourself so that you can achieve the future you want.