3 Reasons Your Business Should Prioritize Online UX

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What is UX, and why is it so essential to your company? Those are the questions we will attempt to answer in today’s blog – a deep-dive into the importance of user experience.

“User experience” is a very vague term, so let’s talk about what it means. User experience in business can encompass:

  • The ease with which a user navigates your physical store or website.
  • The pathways a user can take between different products, ultimately leading them to make a purchase.
  • The security and ease with which the user can pay for goods and services.
  • The aesthetic pleasure that a user derives from interacting with your venue or website. 
  • The level of frustration or comfort a user gets from using your product or visiting your business’ location.
  • The likelihood they will return to have the same experience again.

This sounds like an awful lot to cover, but in actual fact, each of these points is interwoven under the umbrella of general UX. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons your business should be prioritizing online UX in order to achieve success and grow as a company.

  1. Online UX matters more than anything in 2021.

Since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world, the user experience of online users has become even more crucial than before. Many businesses had to fully digitize, meaning that users who were used to browsing in a physical store were now left to scroll a website that they might not find as appealing.

Although the coronavirus pandemic will pass, the tendency to shop online is going to stick around. If your company website isn’t up to scratch, you will doubtlessly lose customers as a result. It’s as simple as that.

  1. UX distinguishes between good aesthetics and excellent design. 

Any graphic designer worth their salt can put together a great aesthetic for a website. But is your website designed to capitalise on the UX of the everyday user? A great aesthetic will draw users to your website, but a fantastic design that allows users to navigate the site with ease will transform your potential as a business. 

Giving your UX some attention and investment will only reap rewards in the future. By prioritizing UX in 2021 using UX metrics with Userzoom and other analytical tools, you’ll be right on the money.

  1. Our attention spans are shrinking.

Psychologists are saying that our attention spans are shrinking, but you don’t need them to tell you that! Those who used to consume lots of long form media now struggle to read a short article, and this is an issue that is only accelerating.

How does this pertain to UX? Well studies show that the average web user will only stay on a website for just 10-20 seconds. This means that within that time, your website needs to grab their attention and encourage them to stay a little longer. Without an impactful design, your website will be quickly exited. 

Final Thoughts

UX is an ever-growing market, so it’s time to capitalize on it. Prioritize your UX for a better chance at wowing your customers!