The 3 Types Of Dreamers And Goal-Setters And The Transition To Action Taker #5MinMotivation


The difference between a Dreamer, a Goal-Setter and an Action Taker determines whether or not the dream will be accomplished.  For any of us to become successful, the difference needs to be understood and the transition made from Dreamer to Action Taker.  I have had plenty of dreams.  Most of them stayed just that, dreams.  What determined whether or not I achieved them was the decision to act upon them.


Sometimes what held me back was my fear of failure.  Other times, what I thought was a priority became no longer important due to life events.  I learned throughout the years that there are 3 Types of Dreamers and Goal-Setters.


The 3 Types of Dreamers and Goal-Setters:


Those who NEVER Dream

Those who never dream do so not because they are not creative.  They do so out of FEAR that their dream will never be realized.  Thoughts of a Never Dreamer are, “What’s the point of wishing something if it will never come true”.


Those who SHARE their Dream

Sharers love to talk about all their ideas.  They can be very creative and they live in the someday.

“When I have more time, I will work on that project.”  “When the kids get older”.  “When I have more money”.


Those who SHOW their Dream

These dreamers may feel the fear but they pursue their goals despite their fear.  They step outside their comfort zone and actively pursue ways to take daily actions towards their goal.  They share their dreams with those who will hold them accountable for their results but support them when they hit rough patches.  They don’t just share their dream; they SHOW people the results of their dream.


The difference?  They take actionable steps towards their goal and transition between becoming a Dreamer to an Action Taker.


Which type of dreamer are you?  If you are a Never Dreamer or a Sharer, you can decide today to become someone who shows the results of their dreams.


What are your real reasons for not taking action?  What is really holding you back?  I’ve been there more than I can count.  So have countless others.


Believe in yourself.  If you are reading this article then you have the desire to take action and for that, I believe in you.


Forget who you were yesterday.  Decide who you want to be today.


How can I help?


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