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Reward Yourself Without Hurting Your Wallet + Free Printables for Setting Goals

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Establishing your dream life and career doesn’t always happen overnight. You may constantly have to figure out your goals, break them into small goals, and keep your eye on the prize. Even though reaching your goals can sound rather easy, distractions and sudden changes can happen rather quickly, especially when it comes to your budget. […]


The 3 Types Of Dreamers And Goal-Setters And The Transition To Action Taker #5MinMotivation

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The difference between a Dreamer, a Goal-Setter and an Action Taker determines whether or not the dream will be accomplished.  For any of us to become successful, the difference needs to be understood and the transition made from Dreamer to Action Taker.  I have had plenty of dreams.  Most of them stayed just that, dreams.  […]


A Lesson In What Really Matters Most #5MinMotivation

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If you have ever let an opportunity slip through your fingers, you can probably still clearly describe what that felt like.  The disappointment or frustration that came from getting so close, only to miss out.  Disappointments are a part of the process.  If everything always went your way, I imagine it would get pretty boring. […]


Stretch Goals, SMART Goals Or Realistic Goals, Which One Is Your Best Approach?  #5MinMotivation

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The importance of goal setting is not a new concept.  There have been thousands of articles, books and studies on the subject.  In fact, at the time of this writing, if you enter goal setting on Amazon.com, you will have a choice between 99, 037 books to choose from.  There are articles on Stretch goals […]