Chase Your Dreams Before They Get Too Far #5MinMotivation


You have a dream or several dreams that you would love to see come to fruition.  You’re an idea maker and you are sure that this idea, is “the idea” that will change your life.  You chase your dreams in your mind.


But, that is only step 1.


The difference between just envisioning that dream or seeing it come to pass is what happens after Step One.


I love the quote by Eric Thomas, “Everybody has a dream but not everyone has a grind”.


How many people have ideas only to see someone else making it into a reality before them?

Chances are that almost every invention or idea was thought up by at least a dozen people before someone brought it to market.


Step 1 is the idea.  The dream you can see so clear that it almost crystallizes in front of you.  The problem is that most dreams get lost in the abyss.  What you need to do is put yourself into step 2, the plan.


Putting pen to paper is part of the process.  There is an amazing effect on your mindset when you make your plan concrete.  Once the plan is in place, step three involves overcoming hurdles.  There is no mistaking it, there will be hurdles.


Hurdles will turn into storms and brick walls.


This is where those that stayed stuck in Step One normally fall off.  Only the few make it past step three and unto the next step of building momentum.


Where will you stop after you start?


After you read this, put your plans onto paper.  Don’t let your dreams and plans stay stuck in the abyss.


Make the decision today to start…..Just start.


The Great Jim Rohn said, “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”


Don’t let the “What Ifs” take over your life.  No, that’s not you.


“Replace the What Ifs with I Tried, I Did”


Believe in that dream and turn it into YOUR reality.


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