4 Ways To Focus On Being A Better Manager


You might be in charge but that doesn’t make you a leader. Great managers know how to coax the workforce to do what’s best for the company. They do it by being a person the staff can invest in. In short, a leader needs to be someone who your employees want to do well for, and not follow out of fear.

Not everybody in a management position is blessed with the right qualities. And, understanding the different ways to lead doesn’t mean you have the time to finish the job. Sometimes, there aren’t enough hours in a day.

Below are the four ways to ensure you’re focused on being the best possible version of yourself.


There isn’t enough time for you to lead because you’re too busy with other aspects of the job. As a boss, it’s essential that you shun the responsibilities of old and pick up new ones. Forget about micromanaging and start delegating to those underneath your position. Is the website suffering from downtime? A business tech support service can handle the ins and outs. Are there disputes between co-workers? Then make sure HR pulls its weight. The first thing on your to-do list is to concentrate on leading the team.

Be Efficient

Efficiency isn’t about picking and choosing the right roles; it also means not wasting time. So, when you are focused on leading the business, it’s vital that you don’t lose what precious time you have left. Otherwise, nothing will get done and you’ll be back to square one. Bezos and other multibillionaires set themselves small targets throughout the day. By using incremental deadlines, they can keep on track and not let their workload pile up or slip through their fingers. Try saying to yourself “I have twenty minutes to solve this problem” and moving on to the next thing once the alarm rings.

Train The Brain

Focusing on anything can be tricky if the brain isn’t used to locking in for long periods. After ten minutes, the mind can start to wander and that’s when there is a loss of concentration and you begin to waste time. Some leaders get better at it by practicing over and over, and they do this with brain training exercises. The trick is to start small – five minutes here, another five there – and work up to a significant chunk of time. Also, you can use music to distract you from other things.

Understand Yourself

All of the above is tough without a high level of self-awareness. You’re never going to outsource or delegate a task you think you are capable of completing. However, there’s a good chance a member of your team is better equipped. Figuring this out is a long journey as it involves saying to yourself “I’m not the best,” which is always challenging. One way to get over the hump is to have trade-offs. You might not be the best at one particular role, but there are others where you shine the brightest.

Focusing on being a leader, like leadership itself, is about knowledge and understanding.