5 Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2022

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To answer the question: “How to make money online,” you can go on Google right now and search. Then,  you might receive millions of search results. But which way is the best to sell online? This post is where you should go to reach the right answer.

This post aims at exploring the online world and what works. I have got 5 major online options that help you grow your business. I have to say it’s the best time to become a dropshipper.  Although there’s competition, there are also opportunities. Moreover, with impressive dropshipping tools like DSers, dropshippers could earn a lot easily and quickly.

Thus, you’d better understand this huge market and seize the opportunity. Let’s start our journey about selling online.

How To Make Money Online? 5 Ways

Making money online offers a range of options to store owners. Not only can you start commercializing your skills, but you can also start selling online without building a store or warehouse. This is simply amazing, isn’t it?

1. Dropshipping

The first way I recommend is dropshipping. Have you ever heard about it? Do you know how dropshipping works to make money online? Keep reading to answer it.

Dropshipping is an eCommerce model allowing you (business owner) to set up an online store and promote products. You are not responsible for producing these products, but you are purchasing products from AliExpress, the most reputable marketplace. In a nutshell, with dropshipping, you will not deal with managing a warehouse, you will just simplify the supply chain.

When doing dropshipping, you need a dropshipping solution to automate most of your workloads. Here I mention DSers, the best AliExpress dropshipping tool as an example.

You have listed a product from an AliExpress seller on your website. When you receive an order from the customer, you can place the order to your AliExpress seller who will directly ship the product to your customer through DSers. Then, this app will finish the order automatically for you.

Here are some main features of DSers for dropshippers:

You can manage your suppliers from the DSers dashboard. It has an AI engine that can compare different sellers. You have to find the lowest price for a product on AliExpress. However, doing this may need a lot of time and energy to search for the product. With the AI engine of DSers, you can find the best choice to make your sales more profitable.

l Place 100s of orders with one click. DSers allows you to place all of your orders to AliExpress in a few clicks. You don’t have to manually work on these orders.

l DSers helps you to synchronize the status of your order automatically. In other words, with DSers, you can track everything on one dashboard. You can know where your order is, whether it is placed or not, whether it is delivered or not, DSers makes all these things easy to check.

DSers AliExpress dropshipping app is designed for businesses to improve efficiency. Check out here and start exploring it right now! In addition to the features I mentioned above, you can visit the website to learn more details.

2. Become an Influencer

Becoming an influencer requires a lot of work but the outcome can be great. In other words, once you become a well-known influencer, You will get a lot of free things and invitations.

Then what can you do?

l You can become a photographer-influencer by selling your pictures.

l Or you can become a makeup, fashion, food, Influencer to sell your talent

It’s true that there are so many established influencers in the market and you need a lot of time to set up. The fact is for every marketing campaign, companies might reach out to thousands and thousands of influencers. Thus, it is indeed the best time to become an influencer right now.

3. Start Blogging

Blogging is also a great way to make money online. The truth is blogging has been around for decades now, and remains well-known right now. You can be one of those bloggers who write about a specific topic or just share your experience of using a product.

Types of bloggers you can try:

l A travel blogger

l A food blogger

l A software blogger

l A blogger who writes on everything

Becoming a blogger just requires you to understand how to engage your audience through marketing and SEO. Nothing will stop you as long as you know your SEO tricks. Bogging is an ideal business for a person with a content background and who loves writing.

4. Teach and Educate

Becoming a tutor might be an alternative option for people who need a rewarding lifestyle and comfortable working hours. You can reach online websites to start your teaching journey for children in different grades. You can also set up courses to teach those who need professional knowledge in a field you are familiar with.

The reason why tutoring jobs are popular are:

l When we can’t attend school, we need online learning, for example, the pandemic restricted us at home

l It might be cheaper to learn online

l Online learning is more convenient and feasible

l The need for learning is on the rise

5. Make Podcasts

The last way is to do podcasts. You don’t need to keep making podcasts every day, and you don’t need a lot of preparation. All you need is a microphone and a comfortable sitting environment. Now, you can get a platform that can run your podcast and start creating content. You can choose from a variety of topics or talk about things you have a passion for.


After exploring the options for “How to make money online” I have mentioned above, you may have a better understanding and it’s time to pick one pathway. You can do some research to find what you are good at; then you may know which is the most suitable one for you.

You can set up your online business depending upon your qualities or interests. If you plan to start a dropshipping business, reaching DSers tool to ship products from AliExpress to your customers may increase your business efficiency.