5 HR Trends For 2022 And Beyond

HR processes have changed significantly over the last few years, and plenty of trends have emerged. To keep your company fresh and current, it’s important to keep up. Let’s explore a few of the key HR trends, for 2022 and beyond.

1 . Focus On Company Culture

Company culture means the behaviors and attitudes of a business and the employees who work there. It’s about how the people in the company interact and their values. Company culture includes many different elements, including leadership style, beliefs, goals, and environment.

HR teams must focus on company culture to ensure that employees have a positive experience. Company culture is important for staff retention, and it’s also vital when attracting new talent to the company.

2. Virtual Reality Training 

Using virtual reality HR departments can deliver the very best training, with improved convenience. VR training is suitable across a range of different sectors whether it’s retail, healthcare, aerospace, engineering, and more. Technology provides us endless ways to provide unique experiences, and support employees to grow

3. Remote Working & Learning

The pandemic made working from home a necessity, as restrictions were lifted, many companies have continued using a work from home model. As well as remote working, employers are providing remote learning options, so that employees can train from home. Many employers are finding that working from home results in happier and more productive employees. As technology continues to develop we can expect more and more tools that support the remote working process.

4. Staff Wellness

This year there’s a huge focus on employee wellness, the last thing companies want is stressed and burned-out employees. Businesses are realizing that it’s in their interest to offer employee wellness programs. There are plenty of software tools that can help companies with their wellness programs. A few popular options include Wellable and Wellness 360. To focus on mental health, HR teams need to support employees to achieve the correct work-life balance.

When employers support wellness they’ll boost productivity levels and increase their bottom line. HR departments should collect feedback from employees ongoing, their insights can be helpful to make adjustments.

5. Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning and AI can support HR in many different ways. First off, applicant tracking tools can scan resumes and create an initial short-list. AI tools are also helpful because they can prevent unconscious bias within recruitment processes. Machine learning and AI can help to support several different areas, including payroll, onboarding, training, and performance tracking.

To learn more about HR trends it’s useful to look at top HR companies and examine their processes. CEO of Group Management Services Mike Kahoe has implemented many innovative HR processes within his company.

These are just a few of the key HR trends for 2022 and beyond. By keeping up with the latest practices, companies can become future-proof. From company culture to AI there are plenty of ways to enhance HR processes.