5 Lucrative Wedding-Related Business Ideas You Can Launch This Year

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If you’re getting ready to invest your capital in a startup, you might want to consider entering the wedding industry. Starting a small business can be frustrating until you show consumers they need you. Yet, starting a wedding-related business essentially means that people will come to you to request a service, especially if you have something unique to offer.

Wedding day is probably one of the most important days in our lives, and many people want to make it as special as possible. So, as a future business owner, be sure to consider these business ideas and learn how to make money during the wedding season in Australia.

Wedding Ornaments

Weddings are not complete without the most beautiful rings. That is why the wedding ring market in the USA is worth $57.965 billion in 2021 alone. This makes it a good niche to start a business in.

When you want to start a wedding ornaments business, it is crucial that you provide what your clients would need in the selection process. When clients are looking for engagement rings, finding the right size is crucial since this event is usually done as a surprise to the client’s partner.

One thing you can provide is an in-house jeweler. Jewelers are professionals who can help determine the right ring size. You can also provide a ring size chart for further convenience. 

When it comes to wedding rings, the tricky part would be offering a wide selection. As couples get married, their rings play a significant meaning that bonds them together. No couple would want to share the same design with several other couples. So, making sure that they can call their ring on their own by providing different options is a must.

Floral design hustle

How many flower arrangements have you seen the last time you attended a wedding ceremony? Undoubtedly, flowers are an essential part of weddings across a variety of cultures, and many couples are more than willing to pay a reasonable price for a unique floral arrangement.

More importantly, you don’t need to open a flower shop to start your own business. All you need is a home office space to make art out of flowers and earn enough for a comfortable living.

Unlike florists, floral designers usually work from home. Take time to learn how to arrange live, dried flowers and greenery and make decorative displays for weddings, and more importantly, be sure to create a freelancer portfolio that showcases your work before contacting potential clients. Mulberry Market Designs specializes in handcrafted signs for homes, weddings, and businesses.

Wedding DJ services

Hiring a band to play at weddings isn’t the most cost-effective option for future grooms and brides. However, without music, weddings would be monotonous, and as some would say, too chaotic. So the next best option would be to invest in wedding DJ services, and if you get what it takes to keep the people on the dance floor moving and grooving, we suggest you give this business opportunity a try.

As a wedding DJ, you’ll have to talk to the groom and bride and help them determine what kind of music should be played at their wedding. Next, all you need to do is set up your equipment and ensure that the guests are having fun. Of course, you will need to invest in professional audio and sound equipment, but as soon as you start DJ-ing, you’ll be able to earn more than you could have imagined.

Catering business

A catering company handles food preparation, service, and, in some cases, clean-up. In addition, a caterer knows how much food to prepare for the wedding based on how many people will attend the ceremony. If you enjoy making food and want to use your culinary skills to make a profit, starting a catering business in Australia can be very profitable.

Wedding car rental business

Wedding cars are in huge demand in Australia. Renting luxurious wedding cars in Sydney requires investment, but this is a profitable business opportunity since most brides and grooms want to make their wedding day special.

 If you want to start a wedding car rental business, be sure to check out your competition and determine what type of cars people tend to rent. In addition, keep in mind that chauffeuring the newlyweds calls for additional staff.

Wedding planner

A reliable wedding planner knows how to fight for the groom’s and bride’s vision. They help them stay within their budget, save money on vendors, and, above all, they help couples plan the entire wedding ceremony when they don’t have time or energy for these activities.

To become a wedding planner, you need to learn how to build new business relationships, find the most affordable deals and adapt to a fast-paced work environment. However, if you think you can handle these tasks and have excellent time management skills, your talents will save the day and help couples thrive on their wedding day.


Launching a wedding business can be tricky sometimes, but if you give yourself time to determine what you want to do, you can launch a profitable business in less than a few months and start making more money than a person who works a 9-5 job.

Be sure to deliver something unique, and brides and grooms across the country will book in advance for you to turn their ideas into reality.

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