5 Reasons You Need To Focus On The Journey First


Have you ever focused on the attainment of a goal so strongly that you forgot to enjoy the journey along the way?  You were so focused on the end result and forgot to concentrate on the process.  The inspiration for this post comes from a quote by Mark Nepo:


“The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes.” – Mark Nepo


In the early stages of my career, before I had my first leadership position, I was very ambitious.  I knew I wanted a management position and expressed it to my supervisor.  I wanted to know more information about the potential positions that would be available in the near future.  His response was, “Don’t worry about the positions that will be available.  When you are ready, it will show up.”  It took me a while before I understood that statement fully.  I was so absorbed in the attainment of the position that I lost perspective of what was important, who I needed to become in order to achieve the position.


Every day stressors sometimes get in the way of taking the time to learn and appreciate living in the moment.  When the responsibilities of life weigh heavily on you, it can be easy to obsess over where you’re going.  Too much focus on the end goal and not enough on reality can make you lose perspective.


Here are 5 Reasons you Need to Focus on the Journey First


  1. When you focus on the journey, you end up building great habits that will serve you several times over.


  1. If you have ever taken a long road trip, you know that taking time to take in the scenery, makes the journey much more enjoyable. Learning to enjoy life’s journey is a critical part of being content and happy.


  1. When you put your efforts on the skills required to achieve your goals, you are more likely to be able to achieve more goals in the future. Once the right habits are instilled, you can rinse and repeat.


  1. When you focus on the daily actions required to achieve your goal; you take accountability for the result. You see the mountain but know that every step depends on you.


  1. It is easier to stay motivated and keep your eye on the prize when you commit to the journey. Mistakes, failures or set backs are no longer important.  You stop concentrating on what is out of your control and instead invest your energy on what is in your control.  Celebrating the small wins gives you the fuel you need for the Big Wins.


While you are on this journey remember to; stop at all the scenic routes, take time to refuel during pit stops and take some pictures.  Enjoy the journey and before you know it, your destination will be right around the corner.


What journey are your currently on?