5 Things Leaders Do That Makes Employees Satisfied


If you want your business to grow and progress, then it is very important to consider the performance of your employees. The performance of employees will be good if they are satisfied with the environment that the company is providing to them. If you are leading a group of people in your company or you are leading the entire team of employees in your company, then it is your responsibility to check that are your employees satisfied with the environment or incentives being given by the company. You have to continuously check their performance and attitude. Here we shall discuss a few of the things that you can make sure in order to satisfy the employees of the company.


It is recommended to maintain flexible behavior with your employees. They are not kids that you will dominate them in doing their work. Just give them free hand of how do they want to accomplish a certain task. Give your employees a flexible working schedule by consulting with them. Their work schedule must enable them to maintain a work-life balance otherwise they will get frustrated at the end. Do not be strict in coming late or leaving early. Instead assign them a specific work and let them decide that in which time slot they will do their work. You just need a finished task that you will get at the end of the day. So it does not really matter that why the staff is coming late or leaving early for the difference of few minutes. So flexible working hours will greatly benefit your company because employees will feel encouraged to do work.

Role of employees:

Give your employees freedom of choosing their role in a certain project. You may give your opinion to them that which position suits good to them but employees can better decide it because they thoroughly know their strengths and weaknesses. In order to make a fine project, employees must be given free hand to decide their role in a project. In this way performance of employees will be improved based on their strengths. Being a leader, you continuously monitor the progress of employees. Employees will feel much satisfaction when they work on a certain project according to their strengths identified by themselves. However, being a leader, you must not overlook the greater interest of the business or your company. Make sure that the role opted by employees and the interest of the company are in perfect alignment with each other. Only then you will get productive result.


Recognition of the good work is the best practice you can employ in your company in order to motivate your employees to perform better and better. This recognition ca be in any form but must do it.It is recommended to celebrate the success or small contribution of your employees. You do not necessarily need to arrange a mega even, instead you can call a meeting ad announce it among all the staff members. Also you can circulate the letter among your staff describing the best performance. There are many other ways that you can employ for example by giving them a holiday. There is nothing better than to feel valued and recognized. So keep recognizing the best performances of your employees. Make them feel valued and recognized and reward them accordingly. It leads to the satisfaction of employees and enhances the overall morale of a person.


Communication is the key of any successful process in companies. It is been observed that when employees are not informed about any change or decision in the company, they feel discouraged and left out. So a transparent communication is necessary in order to engage the employees. Make them feel heard and valued. It is recommended to opt a two way communication so that employees can also register their feedback, concerns and queries if any. A transparent communication system within a company fosters a positive culture and employees feel involved, encouraged and satisfied with working of the company.

Micro management:

In the recent era, micro management has not been very promising technique in order to supervise the employees. It is more related to the control of employees leading to a frustrated environment. It is important to delegate the responsibilities to your employees and give them full control of their decisions in that particular space. You are not supposed to interfere in their work structure. Let them handle the assigned tasks in their own way and do not unnecessarily instruct them. Search suggests that managers who dominate their employees beyond a limit, they create a negative culture for employees based on depression, frustration, anxiety, disengagement, lack of innovation and ultimately turnover of the employees. Suppose an employee is assigned to design a manual of certain products including Electric Tea Kettle, so let him/her design the user manual in own way. Do not impose your idea.