11 Science-Backed Benefits of Smiling


As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine—but can a smile alone do the trick? Research and studies have shown that the act of smiling has the power to boost our mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and even strengthens our relationships with others. 

Engaging in positive activities that encourage us to smile more throughout our day can directly impact our day to day productivity and overall happiness. 

Though the past year hasn’t been an easy one for many of us, there are still so many reasons to smile. Here are a few ways you can bring more positivity into your day—guaranteed to put a smile on your face: 

  • Spend time in nature 
  • Do a meditation 
  • Watch a funny show or movie
  • Do something nice for someone else 
  • Practice self-care 
  • Call a loved one or family member 
  • Practice gratitude 

To learn more about the health benefits of smiling that are backed by science, check out the visual guide from Auraglow below:

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benefits of smiling