10 Things to Try If You Can’t Fall Asleep Because of Stress


At the end of the day, we all know that health is the ultimate wealth. In addition, it is no big surprise that almost 90% of all health problems occur due to lack of sleep or irregular resting routine. 

One of the most nagging problems of the 21st century is the general lack of sleep that its citizens receive. The sleep experts say that the world is now in the midst of a mental health pandemic, the consequences of which might result in the lack of sleep and sleep management. Since this is a problem that affects almost everyone these days, one could try these ten tips to fall asleep quicker.

  1. Buy a Firmer Mattress

A firm mattress may just be the missing link between you and your night’s sleep. It is often the case that the sleeper does not realize what kind of mattress it would be beneficial to sleep on. Alex Savy, Certified Sleep Science Coach and Founder of Sleepingocean.com, says that using a soft couch for sleeping purposes should be avoided. Research has claimed that a significant number of individuals have preferred sleeping on a stiff mattress to a comfortable bed. He then shares some helpful suggestions of a few brands of mattresses that ensure a firmer back for the sleeper.

  1. Take Small-Breaks

It is often the case that the more one thinks about stress and problems of life, the more stressed one becomes. Alternatively, it is not possible to completely avoid the problems of life as well, hence the best way to deal with stress while ensuring sleep is to take small breaks throughout the day. 

  1. Confront Your Problems

Take small steps to address the problems that have been bothering you for months and days. If these problems were not dealt with, it would be impossible to have rest or any amount of sleep due to the anxiety that you will face. The problems that have a persistent effect on your life may lead to the declaration of a lack of sleep. These consequences deter sleep and rest, making you more prone to fall asleep. 

  1. Physical Activity is A Must

The fitness experts at Adidas Health state that the best way to let go of unwanted stress and helplessness is to do physical activity every day. Even if it is not possible to work out daily, one could take light walks throughout the day or just before going to sleep to deal with work stress.

  1. Practicing Sleep Hygiene

The advice that several psychologists offer to those looking for a way out of their problems is to write things down that bother them. It often helps in the functioning of the brain and reduces the level of stress that incorporates the mind. Before bedtime, using a little notebook to scribble down thoughts that bother you could be the right way of dealing with stress. Sleep Hygiene is also the best method to ensure that people do not lose their concentration before falling asleep. This is ensured through the practice of good habits. 

  1. Rituals Before Sleep

If you are the kind of person who enjoys reading, you could read a book before going to sleep. The ritualistic practice of book reading or any other form of activity could enhance your ability to fall asleep quickly. This could be a solution to your problem.

  1. Avoid Electronics Devices

The use of electronic goods before going to sleep, be it smartphones or other gadgets, could deter your concentration and hinder you from falling asleep. It is considered to be one main reason for the lack of sleep in the 21st century. Avoiding the usage of electronics and gadgets could also increase sleep quality.

  1. Use Digital Alarms

It is always better to use alarms that have no way of showing you the time before the designated alarm time. The lack of sleep that one faces when confronted by the passing hours, can result in the birth of panic and disillusion. It is one among the several reasons the sleep effect can be replaced with sheer anxiety and panic. The confrontation of the sleeper with the face of the clock can be the reason one feels panicked when falling asleep. 


  1. A Quiet Environment

The lack of sleep that a person may experience can also result from a lack of peace and quietness. This means that the people who fall asleep with ease are the ones who have designed a space that involves the inclusion of silence and quietness. Sleepers who have difficulty doing the same can also benefit from this approach. Experts like the Anxiety and Depression Association of America state that the calming sounds of a quiet environment can help in falling asleep.

  1. Offline Mode

The best way to deal with stress is to put your phone in airplane mode or switch it off altogether if you do not have a reason to use the phone. It may enhance the quality of the time you spend before falling asleep, and it may influence how you fall asleep. This method has been tried and tested by various experts. They suggest that a morning routine the night before to ensure that you are not lost when you wake up. 

Final Words

The best way to deal with the lack of sleep is to ensure that the sleepless nights are kept far away from the motion of your life. The ten tips mentioned here might be the right way of understanding how it is possible to fall asleep without a care in the world. Although the millennial generation ignores the idea of sound sleep like they avoid orthodox culture, the former is absolutely necessary for maintaining a healthy and happy life not just in terms of fitness and mental health, but also to avoid chronic lifestyle diseases like early hypertension, neurological disorders, diabetes, and many more. It is a practice that may take time, but it is a practice that will ensure good sleeping habits and a better life.