Top 5 Activities That Will Increase Your Productivity

the fleetingness of time

In the multitask universe of your working life, caffeine tablets may be the right solution to extend your working power. But let’s see what else can be done about your productivity.


Victor Hugo undressed and gave his clothes to a servant and ordered not to return it until he wrote what he planned. So make a plan of the day to increase productivity, plus use Hugo’s example and get rid of distractions. Okay, you can leave your clothes on, but TV, console, and cat can be thrown away. This will all be distracting.

If not to be thrown away, keep at least 20 feet away from you. The thought that the source of distraction cannot be reached with your hand will keep you focused on the task.

Plan a “Ferris Nine”

Productivity guru Tim Ferriss came up with the 1-3-5 scheduling method on how to increase productivity at work.

What does it mean? Choose 1 important task each day, 3 medium ones, and 5 minor ones. There are nine tasks in total, which have already been categorized by urgency. This will relieve the stress that a lot has been accomplished during a day, but nothing important.

Find the “Black Hole” of Wasted Time

Decide once and for all where the time goes. During the week, write down all the actions you perform and think of increasing productivity. To be honest, it’s not easy. A life hack for awareness: set the alarm on the phone for every hour. Now you’ll know for sure a few important things:

  • Your “activity hours” – the time when you can do the maximum number of tasks;
  • Tasks that take up a lot of energy and give very little in return. This is something that you can delegate to a professional or refuse altogether;
  • “Lost time” is time that is wasted.

Boring Rules to Increase Productivity

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The three most effective paths to productivity may sound boring, and you already know them:

  • to eat well;
  • to get enough sleep;
  • to do physical exercises.

These three ways to increase productivity are repeated so often that they have almost lost their meaning. But, trust us, nothing looks less productive as a hungry, sleepy person in the office.

Focus on One Task

Trying to do 10 things in an hour can be tempting, but it really leads you to disorientation, stress and can result only in losing time and motivation. To increase productivity, create a habit to concentrate on one task and finish it before you move to another one.

Are you trying to increase your productivity? Got any fresh ideas for that? We’ll be glad to read about it in the comments below.

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