Female-Led Start-Ups Changing the World in 2020 & Beyond (Infographic)

The Age Of Start-Ups & Viral Entrepreneurship

One of the major business and cultural trends of the late 20th Century and first two decades of the 21st Century is the boom in underdog start-ups and widespread entrepreneurship. While an increasingly digitized world has been central to this explosion, especially with the rise of smartphones and affordable technology, it also can’t be denied that shifting market forces have spurred the mainstreaming of start-ups as well. Alongside the influence of technology many of the world’s leading companies started up during periods of or in the aftermath of economic downturn. It’s compelling that disruptive companies can thrive against all odds with a noteworthy number of start-ups founded during recessions becoming more than household names and products we use every day; in fact, they basically eclipse normal businesses. Take Dictionary.com recognizing the prominence of Google (now both a trademark and a verb) to Amazon (now a trademark as well as a river and fable) through to Apple claiming logo trademarks on the shape of the edible fruit. The scope and influence of start-ups as legitimate economic powerhouses reflects just how significant this business space is and speculators are always looking at what’s next.

What’s Next? Female-led Start-ups Changing The World

The next era looks set to be defined by an under-invested asset class that’s over performing. Even with the setbacks of the last 12 months and the continuing pandemic, these start-ups have an important role to play. Female entrepreneurship is an enduring force in the start-up sphere and it looks set to continue well into 2021 which is especially important in this recovery period when you consider a Boston Consulting Group study that found female-led startups generate revenue of $0.78 for every $1 invested ‒ more than double the revenue per dollar invested compared to male-led startups. Dive into the topic with the infographic below from Trainwest. This guide is a comprehensive 101 on incredible ‘Female-Led Start-ups Changing The World in 2020’…and beyond! Read on to learn about these businesses, technology, health, fashion, civic services, design, and lifestyle lady bosses who are making their mark well beyond their industries.

Female Start-Ups Changing the World in 2020