5 Tips for Landing Entry Level IT Support Jobs

Starting a career track in IT can be a lucrative way to make a living. But everyone has to start somewhere, and gaining entry to this booming profession isn’t always easy.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about five tips for landing entry level IT support jobs!

1. Pursue the Right IT Training

As with any career path, you’ll need the right training to be a strong candidate. This means investing time in learning things like SQL and Linux. 

Keep in mind that IT training options don’t always end in a four-year degree. Taking a training path where you get a certificate or micro-credential can save you time and money.

With IT support jobs, you’ll just need to know how to apply your knowledge of databases or the Cloud to real-life situations. Learn how to get into it without a degree. You’ll end up with the right skills and portfolio to get hired!

2. Craft the Right Resume

Your resume may be the first thing potential employers see. If you don’t have one that’s tailored to your future IT career, you’ll need to make one. 

Consider using a template for a professional look. List your degrees, certificates, and skill sets. And include relevant past jobs that can speak to your experience. 

3. Network With Employers

When starting an IT career, networking is key. This is especially true if you’re moving from another field. You’ll stand a better chance of landing that first IT gig when you’ve put in the effort to meet people in the discipline.

Start this process by creating a strong LinkedIn profile touting your skills. Upload a professional headshot and outline your skillsets for entry level IT support jobs. Include relevant skills from past jobs that can highlight your adaptability.

Then reach out to people in the field. You may be able to attend some in-person mixers for job candidates. Career fairs are also good opportunities to introduce yourself to employers.

4. Practice Interviewing

How are your soft skills? And how are you at answering interview questions? If it’s been a while since you’ve interviewed for a job, you’ll need to practice. 

Ask a friend or colleague to help to get more comfortable. Run through potential interview questions so you can have answers in mind during the real thing. While you don’t want to seem too rehearsed, you do want to look prepared. 

5. Work on Upskilling

You don’t want to get complacent in IT. Instead, you’ll need to invest in continual learning for a long-lasting IT career. As technology and expectations change, you’ll need to change with them. 

Look for useful certificate programs online that you can use to enhance your resume. When you’ve completed one, share the news on your social media profiles to help build visibility. 

Land Entry Level IT Support Jobs

Entry level IT support jobs can be a start to a great career. Make sure you have the right technical skills and credentials to be a viable job candidate. Then polish your resume and interviewing skills so you’re ready to pounce on the next opportunity. 

Curious to learn more about different types of tech jobs? Check back for the latest articles!