5 Travel Destinations That Will Make You Grow

Travelling has numerous benefits: it exposes you to new cultures, it helps you relax and recharge, and it teaches you a lot about yourself and the world. There is also a rising popularity of travel app development after the pandemic, so it’s even easier than it was before.

If you would like to take a trip that will help you grow and become a better version of yourself, consider these five destinations. All of them have something profound to teach you. 


Let’s start off in true Eat, Pray, Love style. If you want a destination that will give you a bit of a culture shock, mesmerize you with the kind of nature you have never seen before, and let you truly get in touch with yourself, look no further than Bali.

The country is perfect for a mental health retreat. You can hike, swim, meditate, read, and enjoy your own company. You can also spend time eating amazing food, getting to know the local customs, and meeting a lot of fellow travellers and expats who are on their growth journey. 

While you’re there, make sure to spend some time just being. Don’t rush about. Just find a spot you like, sit down, and breathe. 

Any Famous Italian City 

Sticking to the Eat, Prey, Love theme for just another second, if you want to grow as a person, Italy can be the perfect destination for you. Any famous, historic Italian city will do, from Rome and Venice to Florence and Milan. 

Italy will teach you to think on your feet. Italians talk fast and drive fast, but they live a relaxed life filled with enjoyment. They will teach you how to savour every bite, how to indulge your senses, and how to appreciate the small stuff. If you also take some time to visit all the magnificent museums, galleries, and historic sites, you will walk away completely rejuvenated from your trip. 

New York City 

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Bali and Italy is New York, one of the most vibrant and exciting cities on earth. Your trip there can be the perfect blend of speed and rest. 

With so many restaurants and cafes to lounge and relax in and so many historical landmarks to see, your days will be pretty full. Just strolling around any street in Manhattan or Brooklyn will be an assault on all of your senses. 

Use this time to get to know people from all walks of life, see how well you handle public transport in a massive city, and soak in the culture. Since you can easily find a budget flight to New York, there really is no reason not to visit it. 


If you are looking for a more oriental, unusual experience, travel to Istanbul. The city is a stunning blend of east and west. In fact, it sits on two continents! You can learn a lot about the history of both Europe and Asia in the city and marvel at the glory of the former Ottoman Empire. 

The city itself is incredibly beautiful, and the locals are very friendly. You won’t get lost, other than in the fantastic smells and sights that will accost you from every corner. Take some time to explore the most famous tourist spots. Also, make sure to relax your mind by petting some of the most friendly and cuddly cats you will ever meet.


Finally, if you want to grow by attaining peace, and if you’re looking for a retreat in some of the most stunning nature you’ve ever seen, Iceland is the place for you. 

The island is famed for its healing powers (most notably those of the Blue Lagoon), which you shouldn’t miss for anything. Also, spend as much time walking and hiking as possible. Fill your lungs with pure air, something you don’t often get to do at home. 

Spending a holiday in Iceland will make you think about life and yourself in a way no other country can. You’ll feel much more in touch with yourself, and you might just fly home with lots of new ideas and goals.

Wrapping Up 

Which of these destinations would you like to visit first? Have you already visited some of them? How have they impacted your life and your growth?