6 Promising Beauty Business Ideas to Launch This Year

The beauty industry is a rapidly growing one: in 2019, it was estimated to be worth over $530 billion, and since then, it has only been going upwards. If you want a piece of this pie, there are many beauty-related business ideas you choose from. Here are some of the most promising ones to consider in 2021.

Online beauty stores soar in popularity

Today, online shopping is the name of the game. People are choosing online stores more and more often for a more convenient shopping experience, better prices, and for a larger selection. Selling cosmetics online can thus be a profitable idea for those who want to enter the beauty industry in a quick and fairly straightforward way. Setting up your store is the easier part. The more difficult task will be getting in front of your audience and winning over your massive competition. However, if you manage to cater to a niche audience, you can build a loyal customer base.

Sustainable beauty is the standard

In 2021, there is genuine concern for the state of our planets. People are more thoughtful about what brands deserve their support, which means that if you manage to cater to their expectations, they may very well choose you over your more powerful competition simply because of ethical reasons. So, starting a sustainable beauty business is a lucrative idea. You can focus on selling exclusively sustainable products while making sure you are sticking to high standards in your packaging and shipping methods. Get help through a cosmetics ingredient market intelligence company to help you find your sustainable product at an ingredient level. An innovative idea, such as refillable packaging, can make your business stand out.

Healthy organic products

Besides sustainability, people are also only more careful about what kind of ingredients they are putting on their bodies. There is a growing demand for organic products that come from small businesses, so if you have the know-how, starting a homemade organic product line has great potential for success. From soap through solid shampoo all the way to creams and lotions, handmade cosmetics are loved by many. While such cosmetics generally don’t need to be pre-approved before selling, make sure you check if you need any licenses for such activities since it may depend on where you live. 

Salon businesses still in great demand

While people may opt for online shops instead of brick-and-mortar ones more and more often, one thing does not change: the demand for salon businesses. Opening a salon is a huge endeavor: you need to find an appropriate location, you need to purchase certain equipment and supplies, and once it’s open, the work never stops. However, for those who like such dynamic work environments, starting a salon business is certainly an exciting and profitable idea. If you have the appropriate qualifications, it’s one of the best ways to make use of your skills.

Going freelance for greater freedom

Opening your salon is not the only way to make money with your skills. You can also become a freelance technician and see where it takes you. This eliminates the need for finding a salon location – you can work from your home or even go where your clients are, which makes reaching your audience easier. Such flexibility is a priority for many people nowadays. Today, there are a lot of different treatments that are in high demand but may not be available on every corner, and you can take these to your clients by freelancing. For instance, you can become a brow technician, or you can complete a Russian lash course and offer extensions while working from home. The opportunities are endless. 

Beauty blogging has great potential

Finally, another way to enter the beauty industry without as much as leaving your home is by becoming a beauty blogger. In the days when people live with their mobile phones in their hands and are constantly consuming content, both blogging and vlogging can be lucrative endeavors that can grow into businesses of their own. The prerequisite is that you are knowledgeable in various beauty-related topics and have the talent to deliver that knowledge. Build your brand through your blog and in time, it will become the perfect platform for affiliate marketing, too. It’s a great way to earn a passive income.

There has never been a better time than now to start a business as a woman. You can be the next successful example if you have a passion for beauty and are not afraid to take the dive.