6 Proven Ways of Developing Good Reading Habits in Your Kids

There is enough said about the need to develop good reading habits and how it enriches your intellect. But sometimes people are not able to take an interest in reading despite trying for it. Thus it is vital to develop the reading habit in children. Reading will become second nature for your kids when they grow up if you start early.

Here are 6 simple ways in which you can get your child attracted to reading:-

  1. Take Your Little Ones to Library

Your kids might not want to visit a library as much as they want to go to a park or a beach. Lure them through rewards like ice-cream, pizza or anything which they love. Pick a study material or book that will interest them. Enroll them with storytelling or reading activities in your nearby library. After a while, you won’t need to think of ways of getting them to read books.

  1. Read Stories at Kid’s Bedtime

Kids love stories! But someone needs to make it sound exciting. Bedtime stories are excellent tools to introduce your kids to literature and arts. They, as such, don’t want to sleep at their bedtime. So they might use your stories as an excuse in the beginning. But gradually, they will treasure this small entertainment section before their bedtime.

  1. Make Them Read a Story Before Sleeping

Now they are used to you narrating a story to them every night. Challenge them to read one to you every other night or once a week. They will try to imitate you and read. In this process, they will learn reading books and grasp the written information.

  1. Let Them Pick a Book

Take them to a bookstore and let them choose whatever they want to read. This will create a sense of ownership. Once they own one book, they will want another. And soon, they will be a proud owner of a book collection. Holding a book collection will defiantly help in boosting reading habit in children.

  1. Design a Beautiful Reading Space

Designating a study table and surrounding space for reading is a proven hack for developing good reading habits in kids. This space doesn’t need to be huge or grandly designed. On the other hand, a small space with your kid’s favourite designing elements will do wonders. They will want to spend more time in that space.

  1. Exchange Books With Their Friends

Kids like to own what their friends or siblings are owning. Battles are fought to snatch things away from each other’s hands. Introduce them to the concept of a book exchange with their friends. They will undoubtedly be happy to read what their friends are reading.


Their school introduces them to reading as a mandatory task. But you can open up a new world of arts, literature, science, and imagination for your kids. While instilling reading habit in children, you will create a unique bond with them. They will always feel gratitude towards you whenever they will recollect how they started reading books.

Author Bio:

Samidha Raj works as part of the content marketing team at Planet Spark, a platform that provides online classes to K8 learners on “New Age Skills” like, English Communication, Public Speaking, Grammar, Creative Writing, Debating, etc. She is passionate about empowering the youth by educating parents about the importance of 21st-century skills. In her free time, you can find her watching documentaries or animated movies and organizing game nights (board games are her thing)!