6 Recruitment Trends that will Dominate 2019 and Beyond

Great talent is getting harder than ever to come by. In fact, 67% of recruiters share that their job is more difficult now compared to five years ago. What happened?

For one, there’s an increase in the number of job openings and a shortage of qualified workers to fill the spots. Rapid economic growth and an unforeseen uptick in skilled labor also contributes to this phenomenon.


Second, the new wave of millennial and Gen Z workers have different priorities, strengths, and qualities than their big brothers and sisters, which some recruiters have yet to learn how to handle. This results in poor retention rates and failure to grow a team that can bring your organization to the next level.


Lastly, hiring managers are getting more strategic with recruitment techniques and processes, making the search hyper-competitive. 52% of recruiters even say that competition is one of the top reasons why hiring talent is becoming harder.


Indeed, the evolution of technology has been making big waves in different industries, including HR. Learning and adopting these new processes will keep your recruitment agency at par with your competition. Below are six trends that will change the way people hire in 2019 and later.