6 Signs That a Fox Point Divorce Lawyer is Right for You

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Divorces don’t have to be complex in Wisconsin. While you have to wait for at least 120 days to finalize the divorce, you don’t have to accuse your spouse of anything. Also, state laws don’t require the spouses to be separated before initiating the proceedings. If you want to file for divorce in Fox Point, you need to find the right legal team to simplify the process, and law firms like Karp & Iancu, S.C. can be quite handy. Here are some signs that your divorce lawyer is right for you.

  1. They are highly experienced: The attorney must specialize in family law and have years of experience handling divorce and related matters. If you found a lawyer who has been working on similar cases in Fox Point for a long time, you know their expertise is worth trusting.
  2. They are responsive: The decision to end your marriage can be stressful. You need an attorney who will make time to listen to your case and will offer advice without delay. If the attorney is responsive and available for a quick consultation, consider them a potential option.
  3. They have excellent ratings: A divorce lawyer with exceptional ratings on social media and Google is always a good option. You can ask for references but remember that attorneys often have a confidentiality agreement with clients and may not share details. You can rely on peer ratings and online reviews.
  4. They are compassionate: While lawyers don’t work like therapists, they are expected to have an empathetic approach toward clients. Because talking about a broken marriage is so hard, they should be compassionate and genuinely understanding of your circumstances.
  5. They are clear about the fee: Hiring a divorce lawyer can be expensive, especially if your case is complicated and involves many issues. If the attorney is upfront about the payment structure, you know they are being transparent. Ask about their hourly rate and whether you must pay a retainer fee. Also, it is a good idea to check if they can work on a flat amount.
  6. They have trial experience: Divorces are often settled outside of court. If you find a law firm that has represented clients in court, which could be a possibility for your case, too, you should certainly take that experience as a pointer. Knowing that your attorney can handle all situations is a great boon.

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