7 Data-Driven Ways to Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile


With the constant growth of the internet and the ability to have whatever you want to be delivered to your doorstep just by the click of a button, eCommerce has easily become one of the go-to methods for ordering. Online purchases have reached $204 billion in sales this year alone. Whether you are thinking about creating an online store, or are looking into a more omnichannel business approach, this is the perfect time to start optimizing this revenue stream.

As the “Buy in One Click” starts to become the new reality when purchasing supplies for your home or office, eCommerce has become a fast approach to boosting sales. Time has now become more valuable than money, proved by a study expecting online sales to rise to 95% of purchases by 2040.

Just thinking about starting a successful eCommerce store for mobile seems to be a rather daunting task, yet it’s made simple when breaking down the steps and outsourcing experts to get the job done right the first time.

7 Steps to Optimizing Your Online Store for Mobile

1.    Post Consistently on Social Media

As over 70% of online sales come for a company’s social media presence, this is an easy and inexpensive way to bring in a couple of extra pennies. Either hire a photographer to capture the beauty of your product or take it upon yourself to have a photoshoot to best represent your brand.

2.    Push Marketing Advertisements During the Week

Weekends get busy — events, catching up on life, spending time with family, and running errands to prep for the week ahead. Push your marketing campaigns to release at the beginning of the week to ensure an overall increase in engagement and reach.

3.    Design Around Apple Products

Over 65% of mobile traffic comes from Apple products — make sure your web design is represented accordingly using these products. Either hire a web designer or work your magic to offer the ultimate brand experience for visitors.

4.    Implement Personalization Tools

Whether this means personalizing email campaigns, product recommendations, or discounts, this has the opportunity to bring in an extra 15% in sales month after month. Show your customers you value their support and interest in your business products.

5.    Use an Upsell Tool

We all want the best quality product when purchasing anything. Make sure you are utilizing upsell tools at checkout to show customers what may be a better option, or what products could assist the original one being purchased.

6.    Optimize Your Checkout Experience

Providing seamless and easy checkouts that offer various payment options can reduce cart abandonment by a whopping 69%. The longer the process customers have to go through to purchase items can increase purchase guilt and inaccessibility, exciting out before purchasing.

7.    Make Your Website Accessible to All

Fostering a successful omnichannel business model can increase sales by 51%. Make sure you are testing out your design, usability when navigating pages, and offering an on-brand aesthetically pleasing presence for your eCommerce store.

Fundera created this infographic breaking down a step-by-step guide on How to Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile and the Dos and Don’ts when upscaling your platform.

7 Data-Driven Ways to Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile

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