Reset Your Work-Life-Balance With This Step-By-Step Guide

As we live in such a fast-paced environment, most of us tend to cross boundaries between work and personal life. Most often this taxes our well-being. It becomes difficult to look past day-to-day distractions and concentrate on the big matters. While we cannot change what’s happening, we can take control of our thoughts.

The beauty of being aware is we can make a conscious intention to change and shape things within our area of control. We have the capacity to envision and create a better quality of life. Through significant actionable steps, we can achieve clarity that leads to tangible results both personally and professionally. 

Here’s how to make it work. 

  1. Clear your workspace  

Your workspace is a visual representation of your current workflow. While many have associated having a cluttered workspace as an indication of a busy person, the truth however is, visual clutter can show how someone is disorganized.  

When you look at your desk are you seeing an organized space or do you see a jumble of knickknacks and works supplies? Clutter leads your mind to wander. When you notice a post-it note, it provokes your mind to ask a question such as; when do I have to do this? When you see a pile of paper,  you instantly ask yourself where should you file those. Clutter only leads to distraction, besides, shuffling through a messy desk wastes time. 

A clean desk encourages focus and productivity. To keep it clean you may need to invest in organizers and pinboards. A simple solution that makes a huge difference. Make it clear to yourself that you will keep your workspace as organized as possible so you can concentrate to finish whatever you’re working on at the moment.

  1. Identify your goals 

Cut through the confusion by managing where you focus your energy. Understanding your goals helps you prioritize which task needs undivided attention, which needs to be completed first, and which can be planned on a later day.

 Whether you want to spend more quality time with your family, start a small business, or practice a morning routine, you have to plan how you will achieve it. Discover the things that will make you feel happy and fulfilled. Reflect and ask yourself deep questions and get to the core of how you are feeling. You might not get to the deepest trenches of yourself but it is a good start to identify where you are and what do you want to achieve. 

  1. Get off the pressure 

Step away and take some time off. You can either take a break and file a leave of absence or dedicate a weekend with the intention to recalibrate with yourself – to relax and recharge. You can start by making a list of the things that are not serving you now: poor habits, extra work you shouldn’t be doing, spending too much time on social media. Things that are draining and not supporting you to be at your best version. 

After writing, commit to taking steps on cutting it out or reducing it. Meditate on the things that give you purpose. Do not get too distracted with work to the point that you lose touch with yourself. Set better boundaries and update your routines. Identifying what’s essential and removing the rest makes you more productive in return. Let go so you can get back better. 

  1. Plan in advance 

As the old saying goes, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. You don’t want to waste your time wondering what you should do today. Get the most out of it by scheduling your time and planning your day’s tasks. This allows you to get a birds-eye view of how your day will unfold. 

Have a solid strategy on how you will attack a productive day. Plan and prioritize the activities that will match your peak productivity and energy level then use this momentum to tick your goals one after another. By going through this simple process, you ensure that you’re spending time on what matters to you most especially your personal time.

  1. Invest in yourself 

You are your greatest asset. Improve your skills by reading books on personal development, listening to podcasts, and inspirational audiobooks. Do not neglect your own well-being just because you want to push yourself to work hard and hustle. Adopt a healthier lifestyle by waking up early, getting enough sleep, drinking water, and eating healthier food. 

Be kinder to yourself. Our body knows how it should be taken care of so pay attention. The more you are connected with yourself, the less burnout you’ll feel. 

  1. Celebrate your wins 

List all things that make you feel good, vibrant, and alive. If you are feeling dull and bored, shift your energy to the things that lift you up. Conduct a self-check by listing all your accomplishments and milestones for the past months. Look at things from a larger perspective. If you pay attention to your day-to-day progress it may not feel like nothing is changing. But if you will backtrack and reevaluate; you’ll be surprised how far you’ve come. 

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by taking time to reflect and celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small. Give yourself daily reminders of your accomplishments and then reward yourself for performing. Acknowledge and be thankful. You can have the best work and life balance but if you are not grateful for what you have, life would be meaningless. 

  1. Trust the process

Have patience and give time in the process of renewal and recharge. With this in mind, the only way you will have a work-life balance is to take what works for you, make it your own, and put it into action. It is not an overnight process. It is a constant reinvention and a series of trials and errors before you figure out what works for you.

 If you are serious about it, take the steps that will create an environment where you can succeed. It is your determination and consistency that make the difference. 

About the Author:

Regi Publico is a full-time writer based in Manila who is also an artist for fun.  She takes pride in her towering collection of books and loves reading about anything under the sun.  She is passionate about sharing her knowledge through every article that she writes.