7 Ways To Take Advantage Of Failure And Learn From Mistakes #5MinMotivation


You hear it all the time about the importance of learning from failure.  That you don’t avoid failure but embrace it because if you learn from mistakes, you become stronger.  The logic is there but how do you get over the fear of failure?


I was watching the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie from Marvel.  At the end of the movie, knowing by now Marvel’s strategy, I waited until the end credits were done.  I knew that there would be 5 upcoming end scenes.  Anyone who has viewed a Marvel film before knows that it never ends at the credits.  There is always more to come.  A preview meant to give a taste for more.


We are all in an imaginary movie.  You are the star in the movie of your life.  When you face an obstacle, or a defeat, don’t let that chapter end with the credits.  Create your own end scenes.  What do you want the preview of your next scene to be?


Let it be one where your past failures propel you even further into success.  That learning from your mistakes is part of the process of knowing what not to do so that you find out what needs to be done quicker.


Don’t sweat the small mistakes.  They are not worth your time or energy.


For the more complex mistakes, how can you change your mindset about the consequence of your mistake?


Here are 7 Ways to Take Advantage of Failure and Learn from Mistakes


  1. Mistakes can help us clarify what we really want and how we want to live.
  2. Mistakes show us where we need to put our focus to correct the problem.
  3. Failure is a teacher. It teaches us through analysis and feedback, about what works, and what doesn’t.
  4. Failure inspires creative solutions.
  5. The more you fail and overcome the fear, the less fear you will feel.
  6. Learning through Failure will make you stronger and more bring you towards success faster.
  7. Just like the Marvel end credits, failure is not the end of your story if you don’t let it be.


“Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough”

Elon Musk



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