9 Habits of Confident and Self-Motivated People


There’s something that sets confident and self-motivated people apart. It’s an aura that you can spot a mile off. These people exude confidence, and it can hit you with the force of a bomb explosion. What is it exactly about these people? Well, some are born with ‘it’ and others cultivate ‘it.’ It could be a mixture of both. You are building business relationships with yourself and others! Great partnerships!

Here’s a list of those habits:

Spreading the message

The message is you, and you make that known quite clearly. It could be a conscious or semi-conscious thing, but whatever it is, it sets you apart from others. What is immediately noticeable is the manner you conduct yourself in. At a function, you will walk up to a stranger and begin talking to him or her. 

A management coach for essay help service says that you are confident in what you say and would normally notch up the small talk to a different bar, and continually do so. If the response is not what you expect, you would more than likely excuse yourself gracefully and move on elsewhere, leaving the respondent grateful that you even had the conversation.

You can’t be read like a book

Some people are easily figured out, but not you. There’s something undefinable and inexplicable about your character that makes you elusive. Just when people think they have you in a nutshell, you go and do something that changes any such thoughts. 

This is a habit of most confident and self-motivated people, and most times, it’s an inborn thing. It was probably cultivated through situations at home, at having to deal with difficult situations and finding solutions quickly for them.

The world is your oyster

You are an extremely well-read person. You read or have read the ancient philosophers, and the modern ones too, as well as the modern influencers of the age. You have read, too, the books that have been written by the top business people. 

You know who’s who and what’s what in the business world and more than likely have relationships with top executives and financiers. You have made it your business to know all this, just as you’ve cultivated relationships with people that matter. You also follow news and politics very carefully and know what’s happening throughout the world.

Going for the gap

You have an inbred radar that can pick up things that most others don’t. You know by the way a person is talking, or standing, what is going on in that person’s life. This may seem impossible to the uninitiated, but it happens. 

Most times, it’s such a natural thing for you that you are not even aware that it is happening. This habit is extremely useful to you, not that you use it in any bad way. But those blips on your radar screen tell you how you can help in a situation without coming across as boorish. Your natural state of grace would never allow for that, and it’s in your nature to find solutions for people and things.

My mistake? I’m sorry!

You are quick to admit that you were in the wrong and find it easy to express your apologies and rectify situations. After all, you’re not God, but just a human being, and you know that. 

It doesn’t shake your confidence at all that you make mistakes, and that’s the true test of a naturally confident and self-motivated person. You could find that those who don’t have this quality as a natural thing could be easily rattled and turn nasty. You would avoid these people like the plague.

The game of risk

You are also naturally a risk-taker, and you do this with aplomb because you are unafraid of failure. You will try and make it from another angle, and try again until you have conquered the problem at hand. You also take rejection with ease because your confidence is such that it cannot be shattered or altered in any way.

You do well in the armed forces because you can give instructions and orders that encourage people to follow, rather than make them afraid and unsure.

It comes naturally to you that you like people, and from an early age, did not fear authority, but applied your confidence to complete the task with grace and ease. This is a habit that you still practice constantly.

Barriers no battle

Most people find it very difficult in putting the barriers to create order in their lives, but not you. You realize the importance of instituting such things because they are necessary for contentment and an orderly way of life.

You find it easy to say “no” when others land themselves in all sorts of sticky situations because they couldn’t utter that simple word. You also have the reaction from others when you do put in boundaries that they are quite happy with them. It’s in the way you said it, and the reasons you gave seem so normal, that they would appear ungrateful if they started an argument!

The box? What box?

Confident and self-motivated people have never considered working within a box or out of the box. For you, there has never been a box, and even if there was, you would dismantle it carefully and leave it in a state that the person who comes along can put it up again! 

For you, warm and fuzzy is not a thing, and neither is not being able to operate anywhere, under most conditions. You always make the most of things, even if there’s a blizzard raging outside. And you will make sure that, in the most difficult of conditions, everyone has a good time.

My body, my temple

You love your body, but not in a narcissistic way. You realize you have to take care of it because it is carrying you well through life. You will go to the gym and do plenty of cardio exercises and some weights for the sheer fun of the strain of it! You are also likely to meditate and stay tuned to the natural rhythms of the universe to remain a completely balanced person.


In today’s extremely competitive time, no matter what goals you pursue, your confidence will always play a big role in deciding the outcome. Self-confidence and motivation are gifts for a lot of people, but if you’re not one of them, go ahead and try to cultivate those qualities. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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