AI Can Automatically Create Your Next Skill Test In 30 Seconds


We know that creating skills assessments needs to be easier. Choosing the best questions to help you make the right hiring decision can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s why we have taken the guesswork out of it and used AI to automate the process of test creation. You now have an automated Skills Assessment Builder within our platform, tailored specifically for you.



So, how does it work?

By using Natural Language Processes (NLP) and other techniques, Vervoe can understand the human skills and attributes that are most important to you, for your role and company. Relevant questions and tasks are pulled together from an inventory of validated itemised questions, to create a full assessment that is custom to the role.


In less than a minute, Vervoe can automatically create a bespoke skills assessment that is unique to your role and company.


You will be able to accept the test ‘as is’ or swap questions in and out. Vervoe’s machine learning models will learn from the choices you make, improving question selection for the next time you create a test. Vervoe will also gain insight into the skills and attributes that are in the greatest demand from all of our customers and use this feedback to invest into the right content.


How do I automatically create a skills test? 

Really, it’s easy.



Once you have created a job in the Vervoe platform, you will see an option to ‘Add Skills Assessment’.




This will bring up a window prompting you to type in a description of the role you’d like to hire (job title) and skills and attributes that are important to the position, including technical and soft skills.


For example, Call Centre Representative with excellent verbal communication skills, demonstrates customer empathy, attention to detail and is results driven.

Vervoe’s NLP will pick up on the key skills and attributes and generate a unique assessment for you.


Call Centre bubble words


Optimize your skills test

The assessment will be curated by taking into account Vervoe’s ‘best practices’ to enhance the candidate experience and completion rates. We already know which questions are popular and most predictive, which ones candidates prefer and how long they take to complete, so the Assessment Builder will create a unique assessment for you to optimize adoption. As you work through the assessment and swap out questions, the AI will learn what is not relevant for you and your roles and enhance its question selection for next time.


To swap questions, choose the “Swap for Another” option, which will generate other relevant questions for you to choose from.


Question 2 - Swap for another Sales representative


While the Skills Assessment Builder is still learning your preferences, it’s important to let it know why a question wasn’t relevant for this role so it can optimize tests for you next time. As it begins to understand your requirements and the questions you like, the tests will become even more suited to your needs.


It’s important to ensure that every question has a correct answer sample in the ‘suggested answer’ field, to help increase the AI accuracy when grading candidate’s answers. To input suggested answers, click ‘Edit Questions’ on the top right-hand corner of the screen, and under the advanced settings of each question, input your suggested answer.


Once the assessment has been finalized, choose ‘Assessment Settings’ and you will be prompted to the final stage before your assessment goes live. This is where you can set an overall time limit on the assessment and amend any other settings.


Testing different constructs

You can now group-specific questions into the constructs they assess to see how well candidates perform in each of the attributes, as well as performance on the overall assessment. Are communication skills more important than customer empathy in this role? You will be able to see where the candidate’s strengths lie and how well they perform in each of the constructs you have selected, to better inform your decision making




Once your assessment is complete with relevant questions organized into groups, ‘save assessment’ and you’re ready to invite candidates.


Let AI build assessments for you

Our mission is to make hiring about merit, not background. We want to take the bias and guesswork out of recruiting and enable the best person for the role to demonstrate their skills and competencies to you with job-related tasks. Now that you have your very own Assessment Builder in your computer, you can spend your valuable time doing what you do best, attracting the right people, onboarding your new team, and your actual job.


Remember that the Assessment Builder is in ‘Learning Mode’.  This is the first release of a constantly evolving product, the more feedback you provide will enable it to keep improving and getting better for you.


This article was originally published at Vervoe.


Stacie Garland

Stacie holds a Masters in Psychology and has had a successful career in Recruitment and Training. She works closely with Vervoe’s clients to create assessments bespoke to their roles and organizations