Best Business Ideas for Animal Lovers in 2021


Animal lovers, this goes to you! Are you looking for a profitable business to start, but have no idea how to begin? Use your love and passion for animals to create something unique. Pet businesses have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. But what are the best ideas for your business?

Each year brings us something new and different. 2021 is all about care and quality products for your pets. So, here are a couple of interesting pet business ideas you can start right now!

1. Pet essentials creator

Do you have a creative spirit and an eye for details? Then creating essential items for our precious fur babies is the perfect call for you! You don’t need to be an experienced designer to design and sew a cute bandana for pups. Nor you have to be into knitting to create an adorable knitted mouse for kittens.

Use your imagination and create many different things all kinds of pets may need. From bunny feeders to leashes and collars, these are all essentials you can handcraft and sell online or in a local pet store. Don’t be afraid to start your own brand. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next big prodigy on the market!

2. Cat cafe

There are thousands of different cafes in each city. However, you’re not starting a regular café. It’s a cat café where people can come and hang out with beautiful purring creatures. Serve magnificent coffees and freshly-made juice to your customers. But where will you get cats from?

There are thousands of strays wandering around the streets or stuck in different shelters. Why don’t you make their life a bit easier? You can always foster or adopt a kitten and make the café its new home. On top of that, you can organise adoption days where people can donate cat food and litter and take a fluffy companion in its forever home!

3. Organic treat maker or pet bakery

Organic products are becoming increasingly popular in the last couple of years. People try to eat as much organic food as possible as it’s extremely beneficial for their health. But are our pets any different? Fur and feather babies also deserve to be fed with healthy alternatives, so why don’t you open up a pet bakery where you’ll sell organic treats?

Use natural ingredients to create special treats for dogs, cats, parrots and even tortoise! Besides actually opening a brick-and-mortar store, you can sell your hand-made goods online! The world will go crazy for original organic treats for their beloved pets.

4. Pet photographer

Do you enjoy photography and absolutely adore animals? It’s time to turn your hobby into a profitable business. A lot of pet owners love to have pictures of their pets professionally taken. So, why don’t you use this opportunity to become a professional pet photographer?

Contrary to the popular belief, not everyone can do this job. You need to have an eye for photography and be good at handling animals. On top of that, you’ll need a professional camera for high-quality photos. Search for some pet photography tips to get you started. Don’t sweat too much because pets are some of the easiest clients you can work with.

5. Pet sitting and dog walking

Due to our busy lifestyles, many people don’t have enough time to dedicate to their pets. You can’t leave a puppy alone from 9 to 5 while you’re at work. It needs attention, walking and a playmate to grow into a happy dog. That’s why many pet owners hire pet sitters and dog walkers to spend time with their pets.

If you decide to indulge in the dog walking business, make sure you’re doing everything according to the regulations. Even though you love dogs, you can’t know their character before you’ve spent some time with them. That’s why purchasing insurance for dog walkers is vital in this business. You need to protect the dogs you’re walking, and at the same time you need to protect others from the dog you’re walking. Nothing is expensive as peace of mind.

6. Pet blog

Even though the internet is filled with different blogs, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start your own and make money through it. Believe it or not, finding reliable information about pets on the internet is really hard. So, why don’t you create a viable and useful blog where you’ll share your knowledge and facts with other animal lovers?

To start a successful blog in 2021 you need original content. Luckily, animal niche provides you with a wide range of different topics you can write about. Include some ads and guest posts on your blog to make additional money. The result will come through patience and hard work.


Starting a pet business in 2021 is the best way to do something that you love and earn money. Since the animals are becoming parts of our families, people are willing to invest a lot of money into their fur babies. So, use that to start a unique business you’ll enjoy.