Best Free Software For Videos And Photos

If you are looking for photo and video software that is available free of charge, here are two great options: 


YouTube downloader apps for Android smartphones are highly beneficial and widely used because they allow you to save your YouTube videos. Therefore, if you have a song you like or a video you need to save for future use then you do not have to worry about going back and searching for it or writing down the link. Instead, it will be stored on your phone and ready and waiting for you to watch. 

First and foremost, the best thing about TubeMate is that it is one hundred percent free of charge. Therefore, if for some reason you decide you do not like the app and you are not satisfied with it then you have lost absolutely nothing, so there is no risk factor associated with the product. However, the chances that you will not like TubeMate are very slim. 

The company is constantly updating and renovating their system to bring you the best service possible. You can download the app from one of two ways. You can either go to the Android Market on your phone, search for TubeMate, and download it from there. On the other hand, you can download the app from your computer. Both ways are simple and easy and it is just a matter of what suits you best.

One of the best features of TubeMate is the quality at which it can store videos on to your Android mobile phone. Once you have searched for your video, found the one you want, and saved it you can actually select the quality of anything up to full HD. Which for a free application is pretty impressive. In fact on the download product poll TubeMate is actually rated above YouTube itself, so that says it all really. 

PhotoPad Image Editor

There are so many different photograph editing programs available nowadays that it is often hard to know which one to choose, however not many of them have the benefit of being free. PhotoPad Image Editor is a free digital photo editor designed to work with all computers.

The program is both easy to use and effective. The image editing software itself provides a medium for enhancing and amending images that is not only professional but time effective and user friendly to those with even the most basic of computer skills. From professional web design to personal use; it can be used in many scenarios. 

PhotoPad Image Editor entails various different features from the basics of cropping, rotating, and flipping images to loading and saving an image in an array of different formats, such as gif, jpg, psd, bmp, and many more. You can also edit various picture scales, such as the contrast and saturation, as well as utilize numerous picture effects on offer. The diverse effects provided by this program range from applying sepia tones to getting rid of the dreaded red eyes in pictures via the use of the red-eye reduction feature. 

The great thing about PhotoPad Image Editor is that before you make the decision to apply an effect you can preview it to ensure you certainly want to put it on your picture or photograph. Furthermore, if you later decide that you no longer like one of the effects you have applied then it can be deleted without difficulty and without disturbing any other effects you may have already put on the image in use.

People often fear downloading programs such as this one because a lot of programs similar to this often state that they are ‘free’ yet include excess and additional costs later on once the program has been downloaded, however, this is certainly not the case with PhotoPad Image Editor. There are no costs at all incurred at any point during the duration of download as well as the duration of utilization. 

The installation of the program is just as simple as the operation of it. All you need to do is go to the official website and click a download link – it really is that easy. From then on they do all the hard work for you and you really just need to click ‘yes’ or ‘agree’ once or twice and then you are ready to start your photo editing fun.

All in all, PhotoPad Image Editor is great for those who merely want to have a bit of fun and add some exciting edits to their images or photographs, as well as being a great basis for a bit of skilled editing as well, however, the features are not exactly in-depth and intricate. It is the best place way to commence on your photo editing journey because it has a simple interface and is easy to use, but best of all it is one hundred percent free.