Beyond Tradition: How Franchise Owners are Transforming Regenerative Medicine

The great philosopher Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” And these days, no industry is in greater need of invention than the world of medicine. The United States is already starting to see our healthcare system strain under the weight of an aging population, resulting in problems like caregiver shortages and rising healthcare costs, just to name a few. 

The elderly population is growing and living longer. If the healthcare industry wants to keep up, it desperately needs some reinvention. Thankfully, there are plenty of entrepreneurial spirits out there, willing to embrace transformational and innovative new practices — like regenerative medicine — and bring them to the public through clinic franchise opportunities

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is an innovative branch of medical science focused on the body’s natural ability to heal. The human body has a tremendous capacity for healing — we see it every time we get a scrape or cut — and regenerative medicine seeks to harness that ability to restore..

Through regenerative medicine, patients can find relief from joint pain, arthritic pain, and many other conditions. This practice can make a lasting difference in a patient’s life by restoring function and mobility while aiming to reduce pain — and perhaps most importantly, it achieves these goals without invasive and expensive surgery.     

The Goal of Regenerative Medicine

For centuries, medical care has focused on pain and disease management first and foremost. From over-the-counter pain medication to joint replacement surgery, many doctor’s recommendations seek to minimize discomfort without addressing the root cause of their condition. 

While there are cases where surgical intervention is necessary, advocates of regenerative medicine know there’s another way to combat a patient’s pain — and they’re committed to sharing these methods with the public. 

Therein lies the ultimate goal of regenerative medicine: offering patients an alternative to risky and invasive treatments. Regenerative medicine is less risky than other treatment options, requires much less recovery time, and typically delivers effective results, making it a great choice for countless patients suffering from degenerative diseases, injuries, and other painful conditions.  

The Entrepreneurial Movement in the Healthcare Industry 

The healthcare industry is currently facing an uncertain future. 

Healthcare will become more critical in the coming decades; according to the WHO, the world’s population of people over 60 is set to double by 2050. However, experts from the National Academy of Medicine argue that the current system is ill-equipped to care for this growing demographic. To give patients the care they need, the healthcare industry will need to embrace a variety of treatment options and approaches. 

This is where entrepreneurial thinking can step up and support healthcare workers. Entrepreneurs can be an excellent resource for patients, providing information on new treatments like regenerative medicine and access to care patients may not get in a traditional hospital or clinic. By opening a franchise clinic practicing regenerative medicine, entrepreneurs can significantly influence the health and well-being of their community.

Transformative Practices

The research around regenerative medicine is growing daily, and experts are constantly discovering new applications for regenerative treatments. The growing body of evidence supporting this medical field should be enough to convince any entrepreneur that this is a market full of untapped potential, but opening a regenerative medicine clinic also influences a community in other ways. 

Here are just a few of the ways that entrepreneurs can impact their community through regenerative medicine clinics:

Educates Patients

The CDC estimates that 21.2% of all American adults experience some form of joint pain. This huge market is full of people managing their conditions through medication or surgical intervention. However, regenerative medicine advocates know that surgery and painkillers are not the only options.

A third option — one that can help mobility and reduce pain in the long run — could be hugely attractive for many people currently struggling with pain from injuries, degenerative conditions, or age-related bodily wear. Unfortunately, too many people don’t know about regenerative treatment options, leaving them feeling “stuck” living with pain or paying for expensive surgeries. 

When entrepreneurs open regenerative medicine clinics, they create an opportunity for the public to learn about different treatment options, putting power back in the patients’ hands so they can choose healthcare that makes them feel comfortable and confident.        

Reduces Demand on Hospitals

According to research from the Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies, about one in three Americans could benefit from regenerative medicine. 

This statistic alone points to the potential for success an entrepreneur could find with a franchise clinic, but it also suggests that many of the patients in today’s hospitals and traditional clinics could receive care elsewhere. Regenerative medicine clinics can be a great resource for a community, as they offer many patients a place to get the care they need in a different way— making room at other medical facilities for patients who need more intense care.

Changes Lives

Finally, it’s important to note that regenerative medicine does have a track record of success for many patients. Entrepreneurs know that a quality product or service is essential to success. Many patients report experiencing better movement, less pain, and a greater quality of life after trying regenerative medicine, proving the value of this treatment option time and time again. 

If an entrepreneur wants to make a difference in their community — and enjoy some financial success in the process — changing people’s lives through regenerative medicine is a surefire way to reach their goal.       

The Future of Medicine: an Entrepreneurial Mindset

The demands on our healthcare system are only expected to grow in the coming years. However, this doesn’t need to be a cause for alarm! Instead, medical professionals and entrepreneurs can work together to find solutions that benefit business owners, doctors, and patients. 

A regenerative medicine franchise is an excellent way to serve patients, support medical progress, and meet entrepreneurial goals in one fell swoop.