Your Car Is Stalling Your Career


“Oh no – I’m going to be late. Thank God for the car or else it could be a damn sight worse.” There’s no doubt we see a vehicle as a help and not a hindrance. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to go to meetings or follow up leads. Some of us even get the chance to impress management by using the motor to advertise. Nothing beats being a team player for a watchful boss.


The thing is your vehicle is lying to you, luring you into a false sense of security. The warm, cozy interior and flashy gadgets are covering up the truth: you’re stalling.



It’s no wonder things are stagnating when you’re on autopilot doing 100mph. The fact that you have a car and your boss knows you’re willing to use it means they’ll expect you to pull more weight than most. Great, we all think – it’ll help us stand out from the crowd. Although it does earn people brownie points, the fact that we can’t stop is going to have terrible consequences such as fatigue and burnout. When someone regresses, and isn’t reliable anymore, then that individual is looked down upon. It’s a career-killer. Believe it or not, public transport can help to mull things over and take a break.


Collision Course

For driven employees, there is nothing worse than taking time off work. Even a two-week standard vacation seems as if it can set people like us back a whole month. And, Dave in accounting is bound to take advantage and secure the promotion. So, being involved in a crash and having to lie in bed for months is a killer. Read about here and how they deal with life-altering accidents on a daily basis. A collision can happen whether driving or on the bus or train, but it’s more likely when motorists are behind the wheel. Putting the keys down can save a career as well as a life.


Chips On The Table

Congrats are in order, right? After all, the business is offering a company car which is fully paid for. The only penny that needs spending is gas, yet they’ll cover those costs at the end of the month. Plus, let’s not forget about the esteem-value too. Anyone who thinks about it logically will realize a car isn’t as amazing as it seems. Experienced drivers don’t pay much for insurance and the cost of gas is pretty low compared to Europe and the rest of the world. In reality, most people would rather have the money in their pocket than on the dashboard.



The German-speaking world offers good health when someone sneezes. In this case, health and well-being aren’t high on the list. Why? It’s because working hard comes above working effectively. Zooming around from place to place is better than being fully fit and focused on the tasks ahead according to conventional logic. Of course, it isn’t why a car is a hindrance. Walking boosts fitness and encourages quality sleep, and they, in turn, improve performance.


Remember that stalling can result in a death spiral, and, once that happens, there is no recovering.



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