Discover Why Your Business Can’t Do Without An App Today

A lot of people spend time on their smartphones today. And, the outbreak of the pandemic skyrocketed the figure of people spending time online. To any business owner, capitalizing on this is the way to go. Having an app for your business allows tapping into this wonderful source of prospects, clients, and recommendations. In fact, the chances of opening your business app are higher than checking out your social media and visiting your website.

Reasons to get an app for your business today 

Boost brand awareness

Having an app allows boosting brand awareness in collaboration with your other marketing strategies. Everyone who downloads your app from Google Playstore or iTunes app store is likely to encounter your brand multiple times during the day. This, therefore, requires getting an app done by the best team in Dubai with features that encourage engagement with your brand consistently. 

Gives customers extra value 

Digital access is an important feature for any brand today. And, nothing achieves this better than a mobile application. Customers don’t enjoy having to make phone calls to your store to make orders. An app allows doing this with just a tap in a place of their convenience. Keep in mind that even sending an email to customer support might seem troublesome to many customers. Having an app with a chat feature allows talking to customer support for immediate support. 

The days of having to write an email or make a phone call to talk to customer support are long gone. Today, a notification on the screen is more effective and less disruptive. An app for your business by Dubai’s best digital marketing agency is what you need. This will come with features that give customers extra value including not having to log in always. Additionally, an app offering coupons, geo-location features, loyalty programs, and pre-ordering will your customers’ significant value. 

Enhanced customer engagement

There are various ways to enhance customer engagement today but none is more effective than push notifications. Having an app that customers can download to their smartphones gives you an option to send them push notifications to attract their attention. Additionally, you can also consider automated requests for ratings and reviews when a customer purchases through your app. Transacting business through an app allows getting more control and complete experience to your customers. 

A website introduces your brand to customers’ screens but is prone to distraction by various open tabs. However, with a mobile app, customers enjoy browsing without distraction since it is impossible to use various apps concurrently. Lastly, an app streamlines customer service since customers can easily lodge their complaints regarding your service, product, or experience. 

Improves customer service

A positive customer experience is likely to make a customer make return purchases of your services or products. Customer service is essential for business success and an important aspect of this is a quick response to their queries. 

A professionally done app for your business will offer various customer care features such as call back, call, in-app massaging, reservations, direction to the store, and customer feedback. Keep in mind that your app needs a FAQ for all customers to get answers wherever they need clarification. 

Strengthens relationships

The good thing about eCommerce is that it is for all kinds of businesses. This is through a website and even better when you get a customized app. You will be able to gather data about users of your app such as location. Additionally, users can leave feedback through the app including comments, reviews, and complaints. 

Other features about the users of your app that you can tell include most checked FAQs, behavioral data, their duration on each page, and most popular searches. Analyzing this allows leveraging the data to enhance user experience. This allows creating better products, strategizing ad campaigns, and improving user experience.  

Pandemic proofing your business

The outbreak of the pandemic across the world has taught business people tough lessons. Unfortunately, those that failed to cope with the new normal were forced to close shop. And, those that are surviving depend on thinking outside the box. At the height of the pandemic, social distancing was the order of the day. Only businesses offering essential services were open. 

Those offering other services had to rely solely on online to make sales. A website and social media are effective but have limited features compared to an app. Through your app, customers can order, browse products, or make an inquiry instantly. Keep in mind that only customers interested in your brand will down your app. During trying moments when you can’t open your brick-and-mortar store, an app will keep your business open 24/7. 

Bottom line 

There’s no doubt that an app is worth investment for any business today. Apart from keeping you ahead of your competition, an app keeps your store open even during the lockdown. The mobile app will give your customers a better experience while building your brand.