Don’t Slip On These Business Banana Skins


Many people start up a business every day. In the first year, 90% of startups will fail, and this is usually because they have made some common, but silly mistakes. Entrepreneurs may try to get too big too fast and end up putting what they already had in jeopardy. If 90% of startups fail, you need to make sure that you are in the other 10%. Here are some of the common business mistakes that you need to avoid if your business is going to make it.


Hiring Too Fast/Firing Too Slow

You need to take the time to conduct a thorough interview with every one of your potential employees. Do not just hire the first person you see because they look like they might be okay at the job. You should always be looking for the best and the person who will bring the most to your company. You can conduct more than one interview if you feel that this is necessary to help you find the right employees for your new business. If you are not going to do this, then there is no reason that you should conduct interviews at all.


At the same time, you should not take your time firing someone who is not contributing effectively to your business. You have hired them to do a job for you, and if they are not doing it effectively, then there is no reason that they should continue to be employed by you. Do not feel as though you are too harsh if they are not pulling their weight. A new company needs its employees to be on top form all the time to ensure the success of the company.


Not Having IT



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IT is going to be a crucial part to any business. You need to ensure that you are investing in this service as it could save you a whole lot of trouble down the road. You need IT to store your client’s data, to help you manage your business efficiently and for protection. You should think about investing in managed IT services to help you keep your business running at its optimum level. The trained professionals will help you keep your business secure with 24/7 monitoring and many more benefits that your company could use.


If you don’t invest in IT, you are going to find yourself way behind the competition. You are not going to be able to keep up with your biggest competitors if they have the new tech and you are filing your client’s data manually on paper. If you’re not using IT, your data is likely to be at more risk than it would be if it were stored on a cloud server.


Protect Your Business



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The first thing you should do when you are going to start a business is seek legal protection of your idea and your company name. If you don’t do this and someone gets there before you then there is nothing you can do. You will have to come up with something new. Consult a lawyer before you tell anyone of your business plan and this includes friends and family. You may not think they would steal your idea, but it has happened to many people and you don’t want it to happen to you.


We hope you take this advice and avoid these common mistakes when you are starting up your new company.






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