Downtime Can Kill A Company, Let’s Avoid It


Are you worried about the issue of downtime in your business? You should be. When your company is down, it’s no longer being noticed or seen by the buying public. If the spotlight isn’t on your business, then customers can’t make purchases, killing your profits. Downtime can impact business for a variety of reasons so let’s take a look at how to avoid this and make sure that your company bounces back even if it does go down for a short while.

Know The Issues

The first step in dealing with downtime is making sure that you know what causes it. Various problems can result in business downtime. For instance, you might be the victim of a cyber-attack. In a case like this, it’s possible for an individual or a group of individuals to make sure that everyone is locked out from visiting your site. A DNS server hack is an example of this, and in a case like that, no one will be able to find your company through a search engine.

You can probably see how that could be a problem. Of course, your company could also experience downtime due to a technical issue that’s not related to a hack at all. You’ve heard of human error, but tech error can be even more troubling and is often completely random. That makes it more difficult to predict and thus plan for though it’s certainly not impossible.

Finally, downtime can be linked to staff or service that you are using like a marketing team. A team of marketers is essential for keeping your team where it needs to be, in the spotlight. If they fail you or stop delivering the level of service you need, then your company could easily get forgotten.


Plan And Prepare

You do need to make sure that you plan and prepare for the potential issues that can cause downtime. One example of this would be to hire an IT company like Netcom Solutions. They can make sure that you have a set up that guarantees that you don’t have to worry about your business being vulnerable to potential hacks. As well as this, the IT set up can mean that if your business does go down, then you can use a backup server with all the files and information that you need.  Finding the right Managed IT Provider can help drastically reduce downtime.

You may also want to think about making sure that you have an extra level of security for your business. You can get the software and also specialists who can watch your business 24/7 to note any potential sign of a security problem.

Furthermore, you can think about using backup solutions and businesses that can help if one fails you. For instance, you might find that your marketing company is unable to continue providing the service you need. In this type of situation, it’s smart to make sure that you have a backup plan. Luckily, there are various potential options online that will fill this void.

We hope you find this advice useful when you are looking for ways to avoid dreaded downtime in your business.