Effective Summer Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Effective Summer Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Summer is the best time of year to start your fundraising efforts, whether you manage your own nonprofit or are partnering with one. Leverage the fact that school’s out, work is more lenient, and everyone is looking for something electrifying to do in their free time.

The key is to get your potential donors excited about your movement. Amping up the event, by finding out how to do a raffle with exciting prizes for those who donate, for example, will help make it easier to encourage people to come out and support. You can educate the community about your organization and gain new patrons and volunteers through this excitement. Here are four effective summer fundraising ideas for nonprofits to pump up the party.

Partner With a Music Festival

If you live in or near a city that hosts a music festival, you should find ways to connect with the organizers! You can even partner with them and set up a deal where a percentage of the ticket profits will support your cause. You can also ask volunteers to reach out to festivalgoers and spread the word about your cause.

Even if your city doesn’t host a music festival, you and other local businesses can host a community music festival. Local musicians can come out and show off their grooves! Hosting a community music festival is a great way to get the community together and network with other organizations.

Movie Night in the Park

Who doesn’t love spending time at the park? Your organization can host an outdoor movie night for a more relaxing fundraising idea. You will need permission from your local city government to host at a local park, so please ensure to get all your ducks in a row before setting up!

You can get multiple streams of donations from ticket entry, food sales, sponsorships, and people who donate as the night goes on. Set up tables and hang posters highlighting the mission and vision of your nonprofit to remind people of the reason for the event.

BBQ Cook-off or Lawn Party

When many think of summer activities, they think of lawn parties and barbeques. Another effective summer fundraising idea is hosting a BBQ cook-off. It’s important to get the community involved when hosting a successful fundraiser. Market your ideas across all social media platforms and encourage everyone of all ages to attend.

The summer is all about having fun and letting the good times roll. With delicious food, a great DJ, entertainment, business vendors, and community, you’ve got a successful fundraiser and lawn party—it’s a win-win!

Community Field Day

Encourage your community to get up and get fit this summer by hosting a field day. Hosting multiple sports games, from basketball to tug-of-war, you can help raise money for your organization. You want to cater to all age groups and abilities and have different areas for everyone to enjoy. Ask for businesses and individuals to donate what they can—you will be surprised!