Embrace The Chaos And Keep Moving Forward #5MinMotivation


Remember when life was simple?  Probably not.  The truth is, it was never really simple?  The difference today is that we are living in times of profound change more than every before.  What was relevant yesterday is no longer the case today.  The word we can use to describe life today is chaos.  How do you embrace the chaos?


Next time you are in a public place, take a few moments to look around at people’s faces.  What do you see?  What words would you use to describe what you believe people are feeling?  Joy, maybe in some.  But, chances are you will also see; stress, distraction, fatigue, worry and even annoyance.  With all the changes and uncertainty in today’s world, it can be easy to feel “stuck”.


During a family get together, the topics of conversation varied.  But I noticed a common theme.  It was mostly centered on topics of concern and outside factors out of one’s control.






If there is one thing that I have worked very hard at in the past couple of years is how I try to deal with the uncertainty of life, chaos at work and the simple nature that life gets complicated no matter how well you may plan.


At times, I fail and worry sets in.


Then there are times I succeed and learn to embrace the chaos.  To accept the uncertainty of life and keep moving forward.  To take action towards the goals I deem important, no matter the risk of failure.  To stop over-thinking and worrying about things outside my span of control.


It is not easy but like a habit, this way of thinking takes time to build.  The good news is the more I find myself working at embracing the chaos, the easier it becomes.


How do you deal with uncertainty?  Challenge yourself today to embrace your chaos and keep moving forward despite what you feel.  Work on strengthening your “inside” so you can better deal with the “outside”.






Is it possible to find comfort in the chaos?  Only if you believe that on the other side of chaos is a stronger and wiser you.  Don’t let yourself be thrown into the fire…BE the FIRE that burns.







Certainty is comfortable.  It demands little from us but reduces our opportunities.  Those who have achieved success tend to be those who stepped into the chaos and decided not to play it safe.  They took the risks and aimed for stretching themselves towards new heights.


Embrace the chaos and keep moving forward.



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