Everything You Must Know About Root Touch-Up

Having perfectly smooth, long shiny hair is the dream of every woman. However, we girls also love to experiment with our hair. And coloring our hair allows us to express ourselves uniquely. But unfortunately, hair color only lasts for a few weeks, and as the new hair grows, the roots of our hair don’t look as fresh and beautiful as before.

Salons are way too expensive! And if you have to head out urgently, how can you ensure your grey hair won’t pop? So, ladies’ root touch-up is the best solution for an issue like this. It not only helps disguise the fact that your hair is gray on the roots but it also helps save money!

Whether you need a quick fix-up or just want to give yourself a hair makeover at home, root touch-ups will come to your rescue. Gray hair touch-ups or concealing those dark roots can be done in the comfort of your home now with the right root hair touch-up powder.

This article will discuss the benefits of a root touch-up, how it strengthens your hair, and some tips we’d like to share.

What is Root Touch-Up?

Now you might be wondering why root touch-up has created such hype. Well, ladies, it is the solution to your worries about dull and fading hair color or gray hair. Root touch-up is a temporary solution to gray or dark hair roots.

They come in various types: powder, spray, and concealer pens. The root cover-up powder or spray is applied to make the roots of the hair look as new as if the hair has been recently dyed.

The most exciting thing about root concealer is that it can be applied at home. The results will look like you just got done with an awesome hair color appointment. So, no need to go to the salon anymore to keep your hair gorgeous and fresh.

How Does Root Touch-Up Benefit Your Hair?

There are various benefits of using root touch-up powders. They reduce hair thinning and are very affordable. Below are a few impeccable benefits of root touch-up concealers and powders.

  1. Strengthen Your Hair

The greatest benefit of using root touch-up powder is that you don’t need to go to a salon to get your hair dyed regularly. This means that now you can protect your hair from the harmful chemicals present in hair dyes for even longer.

Let the healthy hair roots grow out, and keep your hair the color you want. So, bye dry, damaged, and brittle hairs, and here comes healthy hair, thanks to hair fiber sprays.

  1. Save a lot of Money

Another advantage of root touch-up powder is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars a year just to keep your colored hair in that pristine shape. You are good to go; just buy one hair root touch-up powder that will last you a month.

  1. Available in a Variety of Colors

Root touch-up sprays come in various colors, and you can choose accordingly.

If you have blonde hair, various blonde root touch-up products are available. If you are looking for the perfect root touch-up for your medium brown hair, you can get any you want. Choose the color that best works for your hair color and texture.

  1. Blends in Well

Most women don’t like over-drying their hair. They’d like to keep it natural, which is why we recommend a root-touch-up powder. If an event is coming up and you’d like your hair color to look as natural as possible, then root touch-up spray has you covered.

  1. Very Quick

You don’t have to spend hours applying root touch-up powder. At the most, the whole process takes about 45 minutes. You’re good to go in just a few minutes and will always make it to the event on time.

  1. Help in Hair Growth

Root touch-ups are great for hair growth because they don’t damage your hair like chemical dyes. They ensure maximum strength for your hair and keep them from unnecessary damage. Once you stop dying your hair regularly, you will see how root touch-up powders have helped you.

Tips for Getting a Root Touch-Up

These are a few benefits of getting root touch-up powders. However, if you have never done a root touch-up, here are a few tips to help you:

Talk to Stylist

Before deciding which root touch-up product you are going to use, it is best to discuss it with your stylist first. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how the dye may affect your hair. They may not like DIY root cover-up hacks, but they know your hair and can help you choose the best products that will suit you.

Most of the time, stylists will guide you through the application process to ensure your beautiful hair color remains unchanged. If you’re looking for a new stylist, consider using the first network of mobile local hair stylists in the US to find the right one for you.

Find the Right Shade

Hair color is a statement, and finding the right shade is necessary. According to experts, the best way to choose a hair color that will suit you well is to select two shades darker or two shades lighter than your original hair color.

Another tidbit is that when in doubt, go low, meaning that if you are unsure whether the color would suit you, choose a lighter shade. That way, you can darken the color easily.

Apply on Dry Hair

Now, we often use hair products before knowing fully about them. Root concealer powder or root spray touch-up works best on dry hairs. There is no real difference if the hair is clean or dirty. However, it is recommended that the hairs are not washed 24 hours before the touch-up.

Right Preparation Before Application

Never use any hair product you’re unfamiliar with without preparation. You won’t get the best results, and you and your stylist will have a mess to clean up later. Here are some points to take home for the right prep for root cover-up:

  • Always use a dark towel during the touch-up process.
  • Best to remove anything in your bathroom that can stain quickly and easily.
  • If you want to protect your skin, it is best to apply a layer of Vaseline on your hairline.
  • Before application, divide your hair into sections; best to make at least four sections first.
  • If you want just to touch up your roots, best not to go high up on the hair shaft.
  • When doing a gray hair cover-up, it would be wise to do only the hairline; no need to spend time and energy doing all of it.
  • Do not sit on your sofa or lay in bed without washing the product out first; otherwise, the stain will last a long time.

So, these are a few tips you must consider during the application.

Root Touch UP Aftercare is a Must

One thing most of us miss is aftercare, which is the most essential in terms of keeping the hair color for a long time. 

Follow these steps:

  • First, after applying the product, it is best not to wash your hair for at least a few days to a week. However, the minimum waiting time for washing your hair afterward is 24 hours.
  • Next, always use color-safe shampoo to wash your colored hair; that way, the color will last longer. 
  • Lastly, using a color-enhancing hair mask always makes your touch-ups look like they are salon root touch-ups.

Also, never forget your hair tips; when taking care of the roots, it is beneficial to spend time on the hair strands and tips. This way, you can ensure that your hair looks beautiful from root to tip. 

The most common practice to take care of the hair tips is applying some color-enhancing hair mask on them too.


In the end, we can say that root touch-up powder benefits you in more than one way. 

  • It saves your hair from the trouble of going through the harsh treatment of chemical dyes, which will make your hair damaged, dry and brittle, 
  • You can save a lot of money as you don’t have to go to any salon to apply these hair fiber touches up.
  • As this root touch-up spray comes in a great variety of colors, you can choose according to your hair color and texture. From blonde to brunette to black and gray, any kind of color can be chosen.
  • It takes a maximum of 45 minutes to apply root touch-up powders. They can come in handy when we are pressed for time and have to attend an event. Just grab root touch-up, apply, rinse, and style to your taste.

Final Words

Root touch-ups are more beneficial than hair dyes, economical, time efficient, and easy to apply. It’s fun and safe, as you can easily wash the root concealer by washing your hair. Use the right products for your hair aftercare to get the best results.

So, we hope this helped. The next time you want to go out but don’t feel confident about your hair, simply grab your choice of hair root color and touch it up. You’ll have fresh-looking salon-grade hair in no time.