Freelance Management System: Why You Should Use It

As a business grows the need for a larger workforce exponentially rises. The go-to method for most companies, which proved to be extremely effective over the years is hiring freelancers. The thought of managing freelancers can serve as a deterrent when thinking about the papers and spreadsheets that come hand in hand when hiring freelancers, however, that is no longer the case.  

Nowadays, these obstacles seem like a distant past as Freelance Management Systems gain more and more traction. With the usage of FMS, the process of sourcing, onboarding, and paying is simplified, giving management space and time so that their focus is set on other fields that require their attention.

In other words, the benefits of using freelance management system are numerous. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider using a freelance management system. 

Find the Right Talent

Reaching out to the right potential freelancers can be a daunting task if you are doing it by yourself. A proper freelance management system can help you create a pool of talent without the messy spreadsheets and without the time-consuming back and forth emails. With advanced search options, you can also narrow down the search by organizing the potential talent by skillset, location, pricing, etc.

Simplified Onboarding

When it comes to hiring new personnel, every organization goes about it differently. Some run detailed background checks and set the NDAs on the table instantly. In addition to that, companies must ensure that they have the right personal details of every freelancer – bank information, tax details, and so on.

Of course, this process is known to be a time-sinker. Using FMS will provide you with an onboarding process that’s going to cater to your needs and will ensure that all of the freelancers provide all the details required for successful onboarding.

Helps You Organize Your Freelancers

The main goal of your organization should always be keeping projects on the right track. The right freelancers working on the right project can make all of the difference in the world. Moreover, communication between freelancers and managers is easily done through the usage of freelance management software. 

Furthermore, some FMS allow freelances to manage tasks while others don’t provide any task management tools, always opt for systems that offer more value to your brand and organization.

Ensures Compliance

If compliance policies aren’t met, work and project can come to a halt and what’s worse, you can encounter financial risks and your brand can lose its reputation. With the built-in FMS workflows that monitor compliance, you can be sure that every tax and employment rule is met and your projects will run seamlessly.

Easy Compensation

With an automated system, freelancers will always get their paychecks and invoices on time, ultimately, stimulating them and growing your brand’s reputation. The payment just being a click away will leave freelancers happy and will help you maintain productivity at a high level. 

An FMS also allows you to manage payments that need to be made in different currencies, as freelancers tend to come from different corners of the world.

Increases Productivity

Speaking of productivity, by switching to an automated style of management, productivity levels can only soar. The valuable time spent writing emails and filling up spreadsheets can be allocated to precious work hours on a certain project. With this valuable information at hand, you can quickly decide whether the freelancers are carrying out their job to their full potential or whether you need to switch things up and transfer them to a different project.

If you are tired of wrangling with paperwork and crave stability, FMS is definitely the right tool for you.

Greater Control and Visibility

With the ability to see key work-related information, the FMS can propel your business’ effectiveness. All of the needed data is at your fingertips and you can provide feedback to your freelancers. Analytics will also show the performance of the freelance worker and whether they submit their projects on time or deliver them late. Better control over your freelancers can help you shape your decisions wisely.

The Financial Aspect

FMS also allows you to have a better overview of your freelance management, this will enable you to have a clear picture of how much time you need to hire someone, how much it costs you per hire, and a concise financial overview with the help of budget reports. 

In summary

Freelance management systems are great for companies that rely on freelancers to get projects done. Gone are the days of messy and unorganized spreadsheets that can lead to missed deadlines or missed work compensation. If you want to maximize productivity and reduce messy paperwork, FMS is the right tool for you.