Getting a Virtual Phone Number: Easy Steps and Benefits for Your Business

Are you still relying on traditional telephone numbers for your business? If you are, you might have encountered various challenges along the way.

It’s only alternative is getting a Virtual Phone Number. 👏

In today’s digital era, you can quickly get a hassle-free virtual phone number from a service provider. There are many virtual phone number providers in the market, but Dialaxy seems to be more reliable and cost-effective. It provides you with beneficial packages that suit your requirements. 

In this blog, we will discover how to get a virtual phone number swiftly and key considerations for choosing a service provider. We will also explore and understand its real-world advantages for startups and large-scale businesses.

Let’s get started 😎

A brief overview of virtual phone numbers

A virtual phone number is a cloud-based telephony system accessed via a VoIP service provider that enables communication worldwide through internet-connected virtual phone lines. They eliminate the need for physical phones, connectivity, and traditional call barriers. Moreover, VoIP numbers come with advanced and cost-effective features, enhancing accessibility and flexibility with improved call quality.

Importance of having a virtual phone number for businesses.

A virtual phone plays a crucial role in business phones that assist your business to scale up. Here is the list of benefits of having a virtual number for businesses:

  1. It’s more flexible with remote working options as it can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection.
  2. It’s affordable for small businesses looking to save money from expensive call fees.
  3. It has VoIP features like virtual receptionists, instant messaging, and online faxing voicemail transcription that help improve customer engagement.

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Easy Steps to Get a Virtual Phone Number

Several virtual phone number providers in the industry, such as Dialaxy, RingCentral,, GoTo Connect, and Google Voice, have advanced call management features. You can research available features and prices based on their services and evaluate them to determine the best service provider. You can follow these simple steps to get a Virtual Phone Number.

  1. Select the suitable phone number service provider that meets your requirements.
  2. Sign up to create an account on their website.
  3. Select the preferred country.
  4. Choose the type of number you prefer and the packages according to your requirements.
  5. Proceed with payments and submit the necessary documents for verification if needed.
  6. After the successful verification, activate your number.

It’s relatively easy to get a virtual number, but we must consider certain factors while choosing the provider for individual or business use. The business owner must ensure their chosen provider is compatible with the existing communication channel, hardware, and software. As there are many affordable service providers, you must research their prices, features, and services to choose a reliable and stable service provider. Moreover, You should prioritize robust security measures to secure sensitive data. For more valuable insights into the provider’s service, you should also read review testimonials.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Phone Number for Your Business

The use of Virtual Phone Number has notable benefits for your business. It includes:

Easy to Use.

They are hassle-free to use because they are not connected to physical phone lines. It eliminates the need for additional hardware, so it is easy to set up. Virtual numbers can be managed and configured easily online. The virtual number offers additional features like call forwarding and voicemail, which can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection.

Scalability and Flexibility 

Scalability ensures that the company can adjust to fluctuations and efficiently manage major incoming and outgoing calls, growing along with the expansion of businesses. It also provides excellent flexibility to create a remote team, allowing you to reach a global audience via the Internet using any communication platform regardless of time and location. 

Advanced feature

Along with scalability and flexibility, Virtual phone number comes with several features that allow businesses to stay connected, communicate better, collaborate, and provide better customer service.

Features like call forwarding, voicemail, auto attendant, customized greeting, and voicemail service create a positive and professional image of the business and contribute to increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and delivering excellent customer service.


The virtual phone system is user-friendly and cost-effective. It eliminates the need for additional hardware, infrastructures, or separate SIMs to operate. It only requires VoIP-enabled devices to access apps or software to get started with. Small business can successfully run their business through the appropriate use of virtual numbers as they have low maintenance costs with lower call rates.

Additionally, it makes the addition and deletion of features simple to ensure you only pay for the service you use.

Maintains Professionalism

The virtual number, with additional features like custom greetings, voicemail transcription, and call forwarding, conveys a sense of professionalism. This helps to build trust and maintain positive relationships with its customers and clients. Hence, the increased customer satisfaction leads to fostering the long-term success of the company.


Using virtual phone numbers helps protect the privacy of businesses and their customers by keeping their personal numbers private.   To protect the customers’ sensitive data, it frequently has strong security features, including encryption, safe authentication techniques, and call recording protection. It safeguards against breaches of data and illegal access. Moreover, these robust features of virtual phone numbers keep customer communications private to earn their trust and avoid expensive compliance problems.

The best practices for virtual phone numbers

The best practices for virtual phone numbers include:

  1. Handling call Professionally

Virtual phone numbers are essential tools for businesses aiming to manage VoIP calling capabilities professionally. The sense of professionalism in the communication with the customer and client enhances trust by creating a positive impression. By providing valuable services like customized greetings and messages, you show the value of their presence and time 

  1. Managing Voicemail and Call Routing

Businesses must ensure that their callers’ voicemails are listened to and responded to, take advantage of all customer queries, and provide them with solutions. So, the management of voicemails should be done efficiently. Also, Call routing features can improve customer experience and increase engagement by providing relevant information or directing incoming calls to the correct department and reducing the frustration of customers.

  1. Monitoring and Analyzing data.

Monitoring and analyzing call data help to study the nature of customer interactions. The research on call data provides insightful information about the usage of phone systems. This includes understanding the number of calls received and determining the highest call traffic during business hours. Such studies assist businesses in identifying trends or optimizing human resources to enhance the quality of customer service.

Furthermore, protecting virtual numbers from unauthorized access and implementing security measures such as two-factor authentication should be prioritized. This helps to safeguard the customer information and protect their privacy. Following these best practices, small or large-scale businesses can use VoIP phone lines to streamline communication and enhance customer satisfaction, promoting success.


The application of cloud-based virtual telephony systems is growing tremendously. The business phone system is cost-effective, with enhanced accessibility and flexibility, the optimum option for small businesses. They are easy to use, with robust security and numerous call management features. Moreover, virtual phone numbers give businesses a professional image that builds trust with customers and clients.