How To Harness Creativity, The Salvador Dali Way

The ability to think creatively is essential within all areas of life. Creative thinking allows us to conjure up new, innovative ways of doing things, and this has proven to have a strong impact on business results. An obvious component of marketing and design, creativity spans beyond departments like these, well into internal strategies. For example, thinking with our creative caps helps sales and marketing campaigns, helps foster a unique company culture, and ultimately helps drive sales. So how exactly do we channel creative energy?

Invaluable created this neat visual that outlines how to harness creativity in the way that Salvador Dali did. Undoubtedly known for his quirky, relentless imagination, Dali was able to channel unique approaches to creativity and translate these skills into a successful, notable career. Find inspiration in his ways of thinking creatively, and utilize the below six creative lessons on success from one of the most creative minds to ever walk this earth.

How to Harness Creativity

salvador dali infographic