How Your Business Can Generate Sales Using Offers and Deals

As consumers, we’re pretty aware of constant deals and promotions that target us so accurately it’s almost scary. For example, have you ever been online shopping and left an item in your wishlist or cart, and a day later received an ad and/or discount for the same item?


It’s no coincidence.


Companies artfully integrate offers and deals into their marketing strategy in order to boost sales. Recent studies show that 68% of consumers say digital coupons build brand awareness, while shoppers who use coupons spend 37% more than their counterparts. It’s clear to see how even the smallest push toward making a transaction can drastically affect purchase behavior.


As a business owner, you can and should take advantage of this opportunity — especially if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner seeking to break through the clutter that bombards consumers.


You may be wondering how offering discounts leads to greater ROI and profits. It does seem counterintuitive, however, the idea is that consumers will end up spending more than they would have without the deal. Therefore, your business has more money post-discount than it would have had without it.


Our friends at Wikibuy created the neat infographic below detailing 15 ways that you can use offers and deals to promote sales.



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15 Ways to Generate Sales with Offers and Deals