How An Italian Investor Visa Can Boost Your Global Business Goals

Global business goals are hard to achieve, but the right approach takes you a step closer to their fulfillment. Choosing the right country to establish or expand is a good start. You must opt for one that has a market for your product, offers enough growth potential, and has easy tax and regulatory requirements. It is equally vital to review the immigration front. 

Thankfully, Italy is a country that offers the best of everything. The investor visa is perhaps the most crucial reason to choose it as your global expansion destination. If you wish to explore this option, a great explanation is provided by the team of in this context. Let us know how this immigration alternative can boost your global business goals. 

You have the flexibility for investment

Essentially, the investor visa entails a massive investment. You may feel anxious about investing millions in immigration when already struggling with the costs of global expansion for your business. But the good thing is that you have the flexibility of investment. You can start with a minimal funding of €250,000 in an innovative Italian startup. There are other options if startup investment does not work for you. You may give €500,000 to an already established business, donate €1 to a welfare initiative, or buy €2 million worth of Italian government bonds. You can consider these options and choose one in tandem with your goals. 

You need not worry about a complex process

As an immigration option, the Italian investor visa is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to set up their business overseas. The process has minimal complexities and closes within a few months. It has only two steps, namely obtaining a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta) and applying for an investor visa at your local consulate. Together, these steps require only a few months, so you can start your Italian business sooner than you expect. The best part is that you need not bring the funds until landing and getting your residence permit. A bank statement to prove the funds is enough until then.

You can stay as an Italian citizen

Your global business goals will probably include staying in Italy for the long haul. The investor visa lets you achieve the goal by ensuring eligibility for a second passport eventually. You only have to complete the naturalization eligibility timeline by staying in the country for a decade. Secondly, you have to retain the initial funding in the country through this time frame. Your family can stay with you during the entire period even without additional investment. Moreover, they qualify for citizenship by naturalization just like you do. Overall, it is a great option to live and work in Italy as a resident, travel across the EU for business expansion, and stay as a citizen.

Achieving your business goals with the investor visa becomes easy with the investor visa. But you can go the extra mile to make it a breeze by hiring an expert to show the way through the process.