How to Dominate Local SEO: Practical Tips

The frequency of searches for “near me” or “closest” has increased by 900% over the past two years, 28% of which end with a purchase. We will tell you about ways that will help you win regional SEO and increase both the position of the site in the search results and the volume of sales.

What is local SEO optimization?

Local SEO is a type of search engine optimization that allows a website to get higher positions in the search results for users of a specific region.

Typically, searches are performed on queries such as “product” near me, “service” near me, “product” in “city”, “service” in “city”. 

Adding contacts

In order for your site to rank higher in local search results, add the physical address of the store or warehouse so that search robots can index this information. Another effective local SEO optimization technique is placing a phone number with a regional code.

Optimizing title and description Meta tags

The top priority for dominating local search results is to optimize your site’s Meta tags. These details are an integral part of classic SEO optimization and have a significant impact on the rankings of an online store.

Make sure to add a local keyword in the Meta title (city, state, etc.). To create the perfect Meta headline, you need to place your most important and relevant search terms at the top. Then put the required local keyword, and at the end add the name of the company. Do not overdo it, the Meta tag should not be spammed with queries – this will not inspire confidence in either customers or search engines.

The Meta description does not have a tangible effect on the site’s position in the search results. Nevertheless – it can become an additional incentive to follow the link to your site. Try to write a short but catchy description of all the benefits of an online store.

Integration with Google My Business

Creation and verification of an online store profile in Google My Business is a prerequisite for attracting local users and growing positions in local search results. Together with the verification checkbox, you get 25% of the ranking factors. In addition, the presence and activity of the company in GMB is an additional signal of Google’s ranking and also inspires trust among more users.

By registering your company, you can not only choose a cover but also add a logo to the upper right corner of your profile.

Google has introduced a new carousel functionality where you can upload photos, just like on Instagram. Representatives of the company promised that soon it will be possible to add a caption to each picture. In addition, the ability to send promotional offers to customers subscribed to your profile has been implemented, and to create an additional block with an assortment and prices.

Directories and mentions

Web directories are still important for SEO optimization. If your online store is referenced by a reputable source, it always has a positive effect on its positioning. The more such links, the higher you are in the search results.

Mentions allow you to place your business name, physical address, and phone number on a third-party resource, as well as provide links. The main idea is to get as many such mentions as possible.

Company information should be posted where it can be easily found. Quite often, users look for addresses and reviews in search engines, local directories, and services. By posting company data in popular city directories, you will not only get new sources of mentions and backlinks but also more points of contact with the audience.

Local reviews

More than 90% of users, when evaluating regional companies, perceive reviews as personal recommendations. Reviews are useful for gaining higher rankings and improving your site’s visibility. The search engine measures the popularity of your business by the number of reviews and their content, especially with the words “best”, “awesome”, “recommend”.

The task of the business is to provide all the possibilities so that the user can easily leave a review. Better yet, ask him to do this by sending, for example, a trigger letter.

Online store owners often fear that negative product reviews will negatively affect SEO and website rankings. If it does not work out quickly to correct the situation, continue to communicate with the client, explaining what steps have been taken to resolve it.

Adding micro-markup

Microdata is a special code that is added to the site so that the search engine can extract the information users need and show it in answer boxes, carousels, and extended snippets. 

Micro-markup enhances local SEO promotion, as it allows you to add new elements to the snippet of an online store that visually distinguishes it in the regional search results.


Backlinks increased awareness and positions in local search results, and transitions to the site can be obtained by posting press releases in local media. Another effective way to attract the attention of an audience from a specific region is to launch a local PR campaign.


Every day, billions of users turn to search engines with their queries, and 46% of them are looking for information of a local nature. By optimizing your site for queries based on user locations, you will not only increase the visibility of your online store in your area, but you will also be able to attract more potential leads. SEO specialists will help you to conduct an audit and build an effective strategy for winning local search results.

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