How To Encourage Employees To Take Time Off

How To Encourage Employees To Take Time Off

Employees often deal with feelings of guilt when they need time off work. They also sometimes worry their work will pile up when they’re away, so taking time off isn’t worth it. Both of these scenarios are unhealthy and don’t support a good work-life balance. Learn how to encourage employees to take time off to have a healthy and productive work environment.

Lead by Example

Suppose you are a workhorse that never quits; good for you. However, your employees watch you. It’s important to work hard but equally important to show employees that the only way to continue to work hard is to rest when needed. Take your vacation time and show them that you look forward to it.

Explain the System

Do your employees have a good understanding of how their vacation time works? With PTO and sick days, some time-off systems are confusing. Once a year, host a meeting about how time off works and when to use each type.

Require a Calendar

Some employers require their employees to fill out a calendar showing the planned time off, although this may seem drastic. While spontaneous time off, sick days, last-minute trips, and other emergencies happen, requiring employees to show a few days they plan to use their PTO is a great way to enforce work-life balance.

No Rollover

Consider not allowing rollover of paid time off, so employees must use it or lose it. They’ll appreciate this idea because it makes it clear that their time away is important to you.

Cover for Your Employees

Taking a vacation and coming back to work to find everything has fallen apart or the workload has piled up is not a good feeling. It’s stressful and deters employees from taking their needed breaks. Have a system in place that allows employees to take time off, knowing their work is covered while they’re away. No one should feel punished for taking the time they need.

Employees are everything in a business. Burnt out employees eventually leave or can’t do their job well. Remember to lead by example and encourage your employees to take time off to create a healthy working environment.