How to Expand Your Mental Energy Wisely for a Productive Work Day

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When you get to work in the morning, you feel energized and mentally ready to tackle any number of tasks on your to-do list. However, as hours go by, you seem to grow more and more tired, unable to focus on what you have to do, losing your mental energy with every minute that passes. So, how do you preserve your mental energy and enhance it to last all day? Here is some good advice to help you with that.

Reconsider Your Diet

What you eat definitely makes a huge difference in how energized you are, which is why you should create yourself an optimal diet plan. The aim should be that you’re never distracted by hunger, but that you don’t stuff yourself with empty calories, fats and unnecessarily high amounts of salt and sugar. Make sure you have three main meals during the day, and that you base them on lean protein, wholegrains, low-fat cheese or yoghurt and fresh fruit and vegetables. If you get hungry between meals, always have some almonds or some other healthy snacks. Nutritional meals can contribute to your mental energy and improve your overall health, so put some effort into maintaining a healthy diet.

Get Plenty of Fresh Air

It isn’t unusual that, after a few hours at your desk, you feel like you can’t get a deep breath and that, because of that, you can’t really think clearly. On the other hand, spending some time outdoors can leave you feeling refreshed and eager to work. This is due to the increased oxygen levels in your body, which can improve your focus and give you the extra energy you need to go through your assignments for the day. Plus, the sunshine helps your body produce vitamin D, which strengthens your immune system. So, to clear your mind properly, take a few short walks during the day to keep your body and mind in good shape and boost your mental energy in the process.

Rely on Smart Drinks

Another great way to optimize your energy levels at work is with quality smart drinks. For instance, nootropic drinks act as natural supplements to your diet. They are useful in a way that they may improve your brain function and memory, but also keep you more motivated. They might even have a positive effect on your creativity, giving you new ideas on how to do your work more efficiently and faster. It’s best to find those containing such ingredients as ginseng extract, vitamins B2, B3, B6 and B2, as well as the ideal dose of caffeine to keep you alert and energized. Some of these drinks even work to protect your nervous system and help you get enough restful sleep at night, so that you truly renew your mental and any other sort of energy for the following day. 

Give Meditation a Try

As your mental energy levels decline throughout your workday, it becomes harder to fulfill your obligations. This means that your job becomes more complicated, as your mind is loaded with jumbled thoughts, until you can’t fully concentrate on what you have to do anymore. Consequently, your stress levels build up, leading to further frustration and confusion. If you want to prevent this from happening or if you want to calm yourself down once it already happens, you should start practicing meditation. It can rid you of any unwanted thoughts, relax your body and give your mind the tranquility you need to think clearly and continue with work. In addition, meditation can put your body and mind in a restful state and stimulate you in just the right way, giving you the patience, tolerance and the mental energy to excel at what you do. 

Take Regular Breaks

Once you notice your thoughts are slipping and your mind can’t function as well as you want it to, the worst thing you can do is push yourself to keep working, since that can only irritate you more. Instead, try taking several short breaks to reset your mind. You can work for an hour or an hour and a half and then take 15 to 20 minutes off. It’s essential that you physically move from your desk and away from all your screens during your breaks. You can use that time for some light physical exercise, a few minutes of mindful meditation or a pleasant chat with your coworkers. The key is to rest your mind, so that you can give your task your full attention when you sit down back at your desk.

Don’t allow yourself to feel tired and unproductive at work. With these tips, you can sharpen your mind and be more attentive for longer, so that you can enjoy your job and show good results at the end of each day.