How to Gamify Your Exercise and Make It More Enjoyable

Gamification is the process of applying video game rules, settings, and, most importantly, rewards to feel more motivated to achieve a certain goal. 

In the world of fitness, gamification can help you get out of a rut, stay consistent, and reach most targets. All you need to do is treat your exercise like a game – sort of. 

Set Up a System of Challenges 

The first thing you can do to start gamifying your workouts is to come up with a set of challenges for yourself. Think of them as bosses and mini-bosses in video games. You need to get past them in order to progress. 

You can create challenges however you see fit. For example, you can challenge yourself to run 3k, then run 5k, then 10k, and so on. Come up with a specific activity, and then write down various difficulty levels. 

You can apply the same principles to reps and sets as well. Or, you can challenge yourself to try a new workout format or sport. 

Set Up a Point and Level System

A key part of RPG-style video games is levelling up. When you defeat an enemy, find an item, or complete a quest, you get XP. The more XP you have, the higher your level gets. 

Your next step in fitness gamification is to figure out how much each of your challenges is worth in terms of points. Easier challenges should be worth fewer points, while the most difficult ones should be worth significantly more. 

You can then choose which challenges you want to complete on any given day. For example, on some days, you might want to go for 3000 steps outdoors, which will be worth three points. On other days, you might want to tackle the 5k run, which can be worth 50 points. 

Write down how many points you’ve achieved every day, and keep meticulous track of your points and levels. You can do this on your phone, in an app, in a spreadsheet, or even in a notebook. 

Provide Yourself Some Loot

Another integral part of video games is the loot, aka the rewards you get for doing the work. This can be a new piece of equipment, a skill point, or a new ability. 

In real life, you can come up with the loot yourself. For example, you can treat yourself to a new supplement once you hit a new level. A new protein powder flavour can be a smaller reward, while something like the Jacked Factory Androsurge can be a reward for hitting every tenth level. 

You can also choose to treat yourself to a new pair of running shoes, new earbuds, or a new video game. Anything that will keep you motivated will work well. 

Make Sure the Reward Is in Line with Your Goals 

Don’t forget that the reward or loot you choose for yourself still needs to be in line with your goals. You don’t necessarily need to buy something fitness-related every time. Just don’t cancel out your hard work by treating yourself to a high-calorie meal every day. 

You can treat yourself to a meal, of course, as long as it meets your calorie and macro targets. Sure, take yourself out and buy something you’ve already planned on buying, but do it only after you’ve hit a certain goal. 

You can also make the rewards much smaller, like giving yourself an extra 15 minutes in bed, playing a game on a weekday, and so on. 

Adopt a Game Setting

Finally, you can also gamify your exercise by pretending you are in a game. This can be especially fun for running or walking workouts, where you can pretend you’re running from zombies, chasing zombies, hunting an animal, or anything else you like. There’s even an app that will do it for you – it’s called Zombies, Run! 

You can do the same in the gym, where you can adopt any setting you want and assign yourself any role you like. You can live in a post-apocalyptic setting or a cozy environment, for example – whatever game you like to play, you can make it a part of your fitness life. 

Wrapping Up 

Ready to gamify your workouts? Find a system that works for you, and start enjoying your exercises again!