How To Keep Your Company’s Parking Lot Safe

How To Keep Your Company’s Parking Lot Safe

Many people tend to feel safe in parking lots since vehicles generally travel through them at a slower speed. However, parking lots and garages are actually where a considerable number of accidents occur. In fact, it’s this false sense of security that often causes people to let their guards down and engage in risky behaviors, such as checking their phones, fiddling with their navigation systems, or other distracted driving practices that result in tens of thousands of parking lot accidents each year. To prevent injuries and fatalities on your business’s premises, implement these tips on how to keep your company’s parking lot safe.

Ensure That the Area Has Ample Lighting

Clear visibility is essential for safe driving, regardless of the location. To prevent accidents in your parking garage that result from drivers simply not seeing other cars, pedestrians, or other obstacles, ensure that you light the area well. To do so, implement lots of working lights with automated timers or sensors so that they turn on at sunset and off in the daytime. In addition to decreasing the potential for accidents, a well-lit parking lot can also significantly reduce the amount of suspicious activity that occurs on the premises at night.

Consider Implementing Parking Guidance Systems

A substantial reason why so many accidents occur in parking garages is the amount of congestion that these areas can have. With so many cars driving around in a small area trying to find a spot or pulling out of parking spaces, collisions are inevitable. As such, an effective way to minimize parking lot accidents is to reduce congestion as much as possible by implementing a parking guidance system.

A parking guidance system refers to a network of sensors, screens, and other devices that help provide drivers with real-time information pertaining to the availability of parking spots. Essentially, they serve as an advanced car-counting system that will let drivers know how many spots are available and where those spots are so that drivers don’t have to waste time aimlessly driving around the lot. In minimizing the amount of time drivers spend looking for open spaces, parking guidance systems help decrease congestion and, in turn, reduce the potential for accidents. 

Implement a Proper Drainage System

Another tip on how to keep your company’s parking lot safe is to implement a proper drainage system. Even when driving at slow speeds, standing water can cause vehicles to skid or slip. To prevent accidents during the wetter days of the year, make sure that your parking lot has a quality, unobstructed drainage system that will reduce the presence of puddles.