How to Manage to Be a Successful Working Single Mom


Being a working single mom is hardly a rare thing, but that does not mean that it’s not a challenge. Juggling work and parental responsibilities can wear even the most capable person out if they aren’t equipped with the right strategies. Here are a few tips that will help you make it work and be a successful working single mom!

Accept your status

Regardless of how your single mom’s status came to be, the first step to making things work is accepting your new situation. Change is hard and it’s okay to feel lost. Your whole life might turn upside down now and it takes some time to get used to it. You shouldn’t be hard on yourself or blame yourself for how things turned out. Instead, you should focus on making the best of your new situation. And the following steps are going to help you with that.

Find a family-friendly workplace

If you have the opportunity to change your job, making it a point to find a family-friendly employer can make a huge difference in the long term. Some businesses don’t exactly have the most positive attitude towards workers with children and working for such a company can make things considerably harder for you. Looking at reviews beforehand and watching out for signs during interviews are good ideas. You can also ask your acquaintances about their experiences.

Talk to your employer

Even if you cannot change your workplace at the moment, all is not lost. However, being transparent with your employer is recommended. They should know about your situation so they aren’t caught off-guard when you suddenly need to get off a few hours earlier to take your child to the dentist. You may end up pleasantly surprised to find that you can work from home a couple of days a week, which can be of great help, especially if your child is still young.

Create a solid support system

No one can do everything by themselves, so you shouldn’t expect yourself to. Asking for help is more than acceptable and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to reach out when you simply cannot be in two places at the same time. Creating a solid support system is the key to success when it comes to single parenting. Find those friends and family members who understand you and are ready to help out. Don’t feel guilty about it. 

Connect with other single moms

As we just said, finding people you can rely on is extremely important when you have to raise your child while providing for them at the same time. Rest assured, you are not the only one in this situation, and finding others in your shoes may be very helpful. Connect with other single moms and you’ll be stronger together! You can delegate tasks between yourselves and manage everything like a boss. Both you and your child will get to make valuable friends in the process. 

Find quality child care

Another thing you will have to figure out sooner than later is the question of child care. You would prefer to be by your child at every moment and even teach them at home yourself. If you can do that while working from home at the same time, congratulations, but most likely, it won’t be realistically possible. Hiring a nanny all the time will soon deplete your resources. So, you should start looking for a quality child care center as soon as possible. 

Tie off loose ends

Another burning issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible is legal matters that are still hanging in the air following your divorce if any. No one likes to deal with these, but the longer they are dragged on, the more they will stress all of you out, especially if the relationship is not exactly amicable. To make sure the results will be favorable for you and your child, look for reliable family lawyers in Sydny who understand your situation and have plenty of experience with similar cases.

Leave work at work

Something that working single moms and especially mompreneurs are guilty of is simply never turning off. However, being aware of one’s boundaries is paramount when faced with such a massive task as filling a crucial role both at home and at one’s workplace. The importance of clearly defining your working hours and leaving work at work cannot be emphasized enough. If you never take time for yourself, both your health and your relationship with your child will suffer.

Spend quality time with your child

Last but not least, while the working single mom life may be hectic, try to slow down sometimes and spend quality time with your child. Schedule it if you need to, but don’t lose yourself to work or you will end up regretting it when you see your child has already grown up. Be there for your child emotionally and you will develop a strong bond in this situation.

Being a working single mom can be stressful at times, but you shouldn’t let stress take over your life. Delegate what you can and don’t hesitate to reach out for help when there’s too much on your plate. Those who matter will understand it!

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