How You Can Use the Mail To Improve Business

How You Can Use the Mail To Improve Business

Many people think of the United States Postal Service as a historical relic, more suited for the days of the Pony Express. There are many things you may not know about USPS, and one thing is that it’s a vital means for you to promote your business. Even though the internet, email, and social media are great ways to rapidly get the word out, mail has its own special qualities. Here’s how you can use the mail to improve business.

The Personal Touch

Let’s begin with an old-fashioned but incredibly effective way to reach out to customers: write personal letters. Whether you’re thanking them for their business, reminding them of what you have to offer, or reaching out to them like old friends, a real letter is worth a thousand easily deleted emails. Take time to write letters that individually identify your customers and establish a connection. Consider whether a handwritten one is more appropriate than one written on a computer and printed out. Naturally, you can’t handwrite a letter to a thousand customers, but you should recognize the ones you most appreciate the most or want to impress.

Sending Samples

You can have the coolest, most entertaining, and most persuasive website around, but it still won’t show customers what they can expect from your products. Mailing small samples of whatever you offer is a way to introduce customers to your product. It also takes advantage of the fact that people love gifts and remember those who provide them. Work with mailing lists featuring folks who already use your or similar products and provide a way for them to respond to your mailing and even review your products online.

Making Mail an Experience

Direct mail is your time to shine. Ensure the letter, flyer, brochure, or whatever you send to them is clear, colorful, and memorable. Work with a designer to create a package that highlights what you can do for them while keeping their interest. Consider clever packaging, merchandise, die-cuts and foldouts, and other ephemera, but don’t employ glitter or other loose decorative materials. Customers hate that.

Call to Action

Sending a call to action is another way you can use the mail to improve business. A call to action is a final statement in a printed piece that directs the customer to the next steps. Let them know what you can do for them, and then give them a reason to follow up. Coupons for discounts or special offers are always a good draw, so be sure to send them one that they can only use in person.