Is Your Business Defending Itself Properly? Probably Not

Companies need to be careful. While overall crime is falling, people are still people, and if opportunities for personal gain are at the expense of your business arise, some will take them. 

It is critical, therefore, that business leaders plan for this and put strategies in place. As a company, you need to engage in high-level discussions about what you’re going to do to defend your interests and ensure that your firm is as profitable as possible. Not taking any action is not an option, so you’ll want to put in place all of the strategies that we outline here in this blog. 

Protect Against Insider Threats

Insider threats are a real issue for many businesses. Disgruntled employees – or just those who are plain negligent – can put your enterprise at risk. 

The way to protect against these threats is to look out for the signs. Pay attention to any efforts or attempts to bypass your security. Carefully monitor employees who remain in the office after hours, and look out for violations of corporate policy. Double-check any significant data downloads and explore issues relating to data hoarding. 

If you notice any strange behaviors, take action. Conduct proactive monitoring, make sure that you enforce all security policies, and confront the individual, asking them why they are not paying attention to the rules. 

Monitor Your Exterior Spaces

While you might have a bunch of cameras inside your building, security experts, such as Spectur, recommend that you place cameras outdoors too. Often, potentially risky scenarios unfold outside your premises first before they move indoors. 

Expensive cabling is no longer an issue with modern security cameras. Most now come with solar arrays that provide them with the energy that they need. It’s usually just a case of securing them into the ground with concrete and then filling in the hole. 

Hire Somebody For The Front Door

If you ever go to an ultra-premium jewelry store, you’ll notice that they all have security guards standing just inside. The goal here is to deter any would-be criminals from breaking and entering. It’s just not worth the risk. Not only are there a bunch of cameras trained on them, but there is also somebody there prepared to physically stop them if they try to steal opportunistically. 

You don’t necessarily have to hire a security guard who will intervene. But merely having somebody there who looks like they might respond can make a tremendous difference.

Create A Network Of Trust

Creating a network of trust is essential for any organization. You need a group of people you can simply rely on to act in your interest. 

Making this happen is notoriously difficult. As a leader, you want to control. You feel like you should.

However, that’s not the best way to generate an order. Instead, the world works best when you learn to let go and allow other people to get on with what they do. Remember, everything under heaven is a sacred vessel. If people want to undermine you, they will, regardless of your personal efforts.