Here Is A Definitive Guide To Choosing Luxurious Marble Slabs

Marble is a sign of luxury, and nothing defines luxury more than marble. So let’s discuss the natural beauty and value of the marble. Each type of marble is straightforward to maintain and durable. However, every piece comes with its unique beauty. This article will provide you with a guide to choosing luxurious marble slabs

Read this article further, and you will know what you need to consider while choosing luxurious marble slabs. 

All About Luxurious Marble Slabs

Every slab is different with its marble countertop. Natural stone flooring is material for builders, designers, and architects. When choosing marble and investing in the home, you must know that the marble lifeline is timeless. It also comes with a significant variety of finishes, looks, and colors. The marble is excellent for accent walls, backsplashes, showers, bathrooms, or kitchens. So now, let’s take a look at what to consider while purchasing luxurious marble slabs. 

  • Types Of Edges

There are a few luxurious marble slabs, such as beveled, chiseled, tumbled, straight, and rectified. In such cases, when buying marbles, you need to be well informed about the types of edges. You should know that the marble edge of a stone will have a massive impact on the overall appearance and style of the grout lines. 

The rectified and straight edges are very common. These come with the perfect cut and also allow minimum grout line for a smooth look. The tumbled, the chiseled edge comes with a rustic style produced through mechanical chopping or physically tumbling. Similarly, the beveled edge comes flat-edged, which produces a dimensional look. 

  • Marble Finishes

The most crucial aspect of luxurious marble slab purchasing is to select the marble finish. You might have a few options to select from. But the honed finish will give you a velvet-smooth surface along with a muted look. The honed stone generally comes with a flat matte finish. It was also even likely to minor scratch. It even works better in wet environments. 

The polished luxurious marble slab finish can give your marble a shiny and clean texture, complementing every style. Polished finishes give traditional, modern, and contemporary designs by giving some elegant touch. Unfortunately, the surface has the wrong and soft texture. It also creates the natural aging effect and is also more resistant to marks and scratches. It can also maintain the natural finish, but it is crafted uniquely using special techniques and brushes. 

The textured finish is a fascinating topic for the focal point. The textured finish will give you the dimensional style. It also goes perfectly with the outdoor gear, fireplaces, and backsplashes. In addition, it is highly durable and also requires very little maintenance. 

  • Colour Choices

The perfect marble selection is a crucial aspect of buying luxurious marble slabs. The marble slab must match the color scheme. The marble comes with a color variety and also deep veining. There are many choices like orange, salmon pink, grey, ivory, brown and beige, and classic white. 

  • Care And Maintenance

The care and maintenance vary for luxurious marble slabs but generally, it is carefree for years after getting sealed. The sealer applications are also accessible. You must follow all instructions which are mentioned on the bottle, roll, dry, and repeat. It is advisable to check all the sealing projects before and after the grouting. 


Luxurious marble slabs are very easy to maintain and clean from any other flooring options. You will have to just mop and sweep by using the cleaners. Marble slabs come with remarkable durability, and you will be able to enjoy the same marble for years. The beauty also adds value to the home and comes in a great variety of colors and styles. It is the perfect choice for your house.